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I’m reminded of a morbid scene I witnessed many years ago. I couple sitting on a park bench in thier warm winter clothes throwing bread to the pidgeons.  Behind them a man lays crumpled up in the dirt, freezing and starving.  They would have done more to save a dog but this man doesn’t exist to them, they are blind to his torment and pain.

I walk over and put my hand on his shoulder, I hand him 20 bucks and he clenches it with a smile…

Last night a kitten found me preparing dinner I pulled out of the trash. She purrs and nuzzles at me for attention she is lonely and hungry, we both are. She is so skinny I worry about her, so skinny. We share our dinner and I name her Punani meaning heavenly flower.  I want to take her home and bath her and feed her and make her well but she resists, she is wild. Perhaps too wild, perhaps like me on an unknown journey.  I want to help her but she refuses, she is so skinny… Her affection makes me smile but her plight hurts my heart I want to save her but I can’t, just like I couldn’t save the homeless guy in the park. 

I feel blessed to have a meal to share with her.  If she comes back tonight I will share my can of roast beef with her, she is so skinny. She wanders off and I am lost in thought,  I think about how lost and afraid I have been at times lately and how strong I have become. How I have learned to take nothing for granted, not a single peanut nor breath of air. I indulge in gratitude i think about Sterling Hayden and his famous quote.   I possess all the things he talks about and I smile. Sterling went to sea to find himself. I think of other writers like Hemmingway who found his story in Cuba. Hunter S. Thompson found his in Puerto Rico and then there was Michener, I’m sittin in his back yard. I don’t have to read his words, I’m writing my own. 

For three straight days I wept more often than not. Washing my soul with tears from heaven. I was near my breaking point.  I look back now at that weak minded little person I used to be, now that I am crawling out of the hole I had dug for myself I finally understand.  You can’t dig your way out.  If you are trapped in a hole stop digging.

I look around my soul and today I discover something about myself.  I am the weathiest man alive. I have the one thing that every man seeks, but seldom find.  I have If only for a shot period found true freedom.  I want more but not at the expense Of selling my soul.  In my lifetime I have been very successful and also a complete failure.  Today I start my search for a happy medium, a new story and a reasonable life.  

Me Myself and I-phone


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Today I became a postcard. I did nothing, ate everything, rode to town and had an afternoon beer.  On the way home I found a nice park and took a nap, might take another one right now.

This could become boring and I do boring very well. The last drama was last night when fire ants ate a hole through my tent, we did battle and then the rain chased them Away.

I decided to become a tourist so when the sun finally peeked out I plopped myself on the beach and watched storm clouds roll on by. I beachcombed and found petrified wood and  few shells, played with a scorpion and begun to seriously wonder if that’s what crawled across my face the other night.  I played with a hippie and her piggy and did some exploring on the Brompton.   All and all a fun day but if every day was this easy I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

I’ve received more warnings of the dangers of biking to Hana and am a bit freaked out but I’ve been freaked out cycling since getting here.  I’m moving towards an all raw diet and Hana is the place to go for natures gold. 

The oddest part of the whole day is that with nothing to challenge me I actually started to think about finding a new home which could honestly be anywhere in America, including a hippie homestead right here. A yurt in the jungle seems pretty luxurious these days. Ive always wanted to build a small cabin and since I have nothing better to do, no commitments and an open map now may just be the time or maybe soon, who knows maybe I will  start a Brompton rental and store, I could call it Haole Ali’s. 

I’m feeling pretty free these days and will gladly trade my board shorts for a sarong and bare feet, maybe even grow my hair out again,.  Now where did I put that damn sandlewood oil. 

All I can really say is that the last few weeks have maybe been the most fun i have had in quite a while. I’m not a vacation type of guy, hell my whole life has been a sort of  vacation and I’ve never been of the grass is greener mentality, life here or there is what you make of it. 

Either way I’m really staring to love my iPhone for a small connection to the world and an easy way to travel and share my experience. So down the path of life we will wander until we find the next fork in the road, just me, myself and I-phone. 

My Imaginary Girlfriend


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Sitting under the shelter of an old tin roof the rain falls hard. The geckos keep me company, I’ve started writing a book in my iPhone. 18 hours a day is a lot of time to fill but I never seem to have enough. Strangers only a few weeks ago now they are all good friends, each one has been given a proper name and I know them all by looks and personality.  

There is no room in the tent to play my uke so my new tin office on the beach is my studio on rainy days.  I find this funny heart on the back of some sheet music.  When Serena found it she crossed out Heathers name and wrote in hers. Today I see that Emily too has found it and made her mark.  My heart is full yet I sit alone on the beach waiting for my wahine to find me. 

The dreams are powerful and she comes to me every night but I don’t know who she is. She whispers into my ear with soft moist lips,  I’ll come to you when you invite me. I wake up wet, sandy and itchy on the outside.  But my soul is warm, I feel complete and whole in a way only a person who is truly loved can feel. 

I walk to the beach and write haiku  love letters in the sand to this stranger hoping the one day soon I will wake up next to her. 

Wayne Dyer once told me that there are no justified grievances. That everything in our lives is that way because we have choosen it. Today I choose love, I don’t want to be alone any longer and being alone can exist in many forms. I throw my heart into the sea and watch it drift away with the tide. My invitation has been sent on a half moon rising. 

Stupid Fucking Haole


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You did what? You told the sherrif you were fishing so it’s ok to stay on the beach.  You know what you just did you showed him your Washongron ID and Washington Walmart fishing pole and claimed grandfathered Hawaiin fishing rights  Stupid fucking Haole


My new friend smiled as he read me the riot act and went on to teach me about the islands how and where to survive and how to be safe.  Truly one of the best days so far but it didn’t start off so well. 
I’ll skip the foolish drama but riding home a local swerved at me blaring his horn. I flipped him off and he skidded to a hault an jumped out. I parked my bike wearing nothing but my board shorts  I walked towards him jacked like a rooster.  The words flared out of my mouth, you beef brah. We shared some choice words he turned and went back into the car peeling out as he left. I should interject that I hate fighting or violence of any kind  I never should have engaged in the first place .  He had every right to express his feelings.  I’m rapidly learning that no matter how long I live here Hawaii will never be my home, I will always be an outsider on so many levels.  I send my apologies.

  It took me a few minutes to calm down and see the error of my ways and then I was glad he left.  Islanders stick togehter,  they have to because stupid fucking haoles come over here and fuck everything’s up. I know for a fact if we threw down that locals would come to his aid but who would have my back?  I can see hundreds of tourist driving by with thier windows up and doors locked.  Look away honey if we don’t see it it’s not really happening. 
I made my way back to camp feeling like a dick so I found a coconut and threw it into the ocean asking forgiveness.  I knew the nut would make new life and soon enough Maui did forgive me by making me a new friend. 

Imagine if Hawaiins we’re teeing off golf balls from ground zero or turned Arlington into a hotel or Gettysburg into a parking lot. That’s what has happened to Hawaii. Islanders don’t hate us, they are afraid of what fucked  up shit we will do next. The sugar cane and pineapple are going away Hawaii is hurting. 

So Maui broke me, she took away everything from  me including my dignity to show me what has happened to the island residents.  I’m learning a painful truth and starting to understand the way… I’m  still here and now that she knows my intentions are true she is teaching me to see through  Hawaiin eyes.  I fully understand that I am still a stupid fucking Haole  but one day and lesson at a time I am learning the way of the islands.  Today I looked into a mirror for the first time since arriving on island   A stranger starred   back at me,  I have a feeling we are to become good friends Mahalo Maui. 

My Brompton Saved My Life


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You want to know how to quit smoking?  Throw your ciggis away, become a raging lunatic for a few weeks and then have a happy life. With all the money you save you can afford a Brompton or a Falmouth Cutter or just start a slammin investment account. 

The fist thing that happens when you commit to quitting smoking is that you freak the fuck out and chain smoke.  I’m passed that stage now and have cut my daily smoking by a third.  Let’s face it I have something in common with the meth heads, ice freaks, stoners and lushes. My name is Stormy and I’m an addict. 

I purchased my Brompton because I wanted the best bike in the world but what I didn’t count on was that we would develope a serious relationship or that she would save my life.  Two out if three nic fits a day have me pedaling like lance Armstrong minus the roids. My quads are blown, my lungs strong And my determination is growing every day. 

The thing about this bike is that it’s such an absolute joy to ride, maintain and travel with, that it’s actually overpowering my addiction to cigarettes one dat at a time.  

No quitting won’t be easy and it’s not but we will and will be continually challenged in life be it communicating with our spouce or kids or employers life is a series of comment and challenges as is the daily and lifelong battle over addiction. 

I have been through some, we’ll hell hundreds of borderline phycoticaally hard, trying and downright dangerous situations in my lifetime.  Is you add them all up into one single experience they look like a vacation in paradise compared to the absolute hell and suffering I have gone through in the last few weeks.  The byproduct is that I have created a zen like inner strength that no experience on earth could create.  Last night I was over run with fire ants, they infested my tent biting me and pushin the bounds of insanity.   Honestly after the floods, strvation, loneliness, Mosquitos…   For all I care the fire ants can fucking blow me. My body is my temple and I am working hard at making it pure a the driven snow. 

My point of this whole post is that I’m a semi educated privileged male here by choice.  You don’t see me giving up and running away.  Quitting is always the easy way out and more often than not the wrong choice,  Unless it’s quitting smoking which I can assure is possible.   Excuse me now I have to go scream I to the wind.  All this talk is giving me a major nic fit 

PS dear big tobacco Fuck you!

Book-em Dano


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I should have listened to my mother. I could have gone to college became a cosmetic surgen 500 thou a year and up to my neck in tits and ass. 

I get a short email from Emily, are you ok?  I respond, you won’t get a book deal sittin on your couch surfing YouTube. 

I came here thinking I could fill a hole in the gap   There is no info on cycling Hawaii on a budget, now I know why. So I’ve suffered a bit, big deal. A story I don’t even know could be in the making. I wonder how fun this blog would be to write from poolside at the Marriott with a 16 dollar mind eraser coming every hour on the hour.  

I’m no quiter and yesterday Maui opened her arms for me. First it was a full giant fuel can that fits my stove.  Soon after it was a 4 huge cans of roast beef.  I love the free bin. Then it was the scent of a woman.   Yes even in the dirt there is good. 

Sitting at the table with Havi last week he blessed our food and my journey with a Hawaiin prayer and I can assure you I was the most thankful person on the planet earth. It really made me wonder if people are thankful for what they have in this life or is it just all expected and taken for granted. 

On thanksgiving day I will be eating cold beef out of a can with fresh coconut water and I’m going to spurge for instant mashed potatoes. I can tell you this with the utmost certainty that I will be truly thankful for that meal, my little piece of beach and the one an only thing we truly posses in this world, our health. 

Take a good look at everything around you, your friends your family your stuff. One day soon it wall all be gone. Take the time to smell the flowers before it’s too late. 



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I waste the whole day laying around in the shade. I’m exhausted both mentally an physically.  The relentless heat must be getting to me because I get Dizzy if I stand up.  Water, I drink lots of it.  So much that I slosh and gurgle like the tide.  

I find a golf ball and name it Wilson. Obviously I’m not in my most creative state but it keeps me. Company, one more voice in my head. 

I’m living steps away from one of Maui’s most sacred burial grounds.  The earth Is deep red and said to be Colored with the blood of a thousand warriors.  I find it vey peaceful but at night the woods are spooky and you can always hear empty foot steps in the night. 

Today I have nothing to think about but that’s all I do all day long, I think. There are times when I am crippled with anxiety but I squash it. On some very deep level I still feel like I am following a path I am meant to follow, I just wish I had a map so I knew where it was going. 

My only chore of the day is to clean an tune my still un-named Brompton. Tomorrow we will ride as far as my legs will take me. I honestly think that this is the best bike I have ever been fortunate enough to ride.  Everywhere I take her she brings smiles which are the most priceless thing in the world when you are stranded on a tropical island. 

Dirt Nap


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I wake up instantly and freeze I can feel heavy poky feet walking across my face, TARANCHULA.   I have to say in most situations of stress or down right fear I am a rock, a natural born leader, this is not one of those situations. 

I jump to my feet and scream like a 12 year old girl, jumping around like a fool. It’s 2:00am. I had ridden my bike half way around the island looking for work  I was never going to make it home before the sun set so I found. Quiet piece of dirt and went to sleep.  That’s how low I have degraded since arriving here, I just close my eyes and pray it doesn’t rain, I don’t even have my sweatshirt with me.  Now wide awake I ride through the dark, my mind attacks me.  

I think about loyalty in this world an wonder If it exists or is every man and woman just out on thier own agenda. I think about Chloe and miss her more than words can express. I think about my father, he isn’t getting any younger and he is the reason I’m here. His 75th birthday is coming up and I wouldn’t miss it for th world.  So I buy the cheapest ticket and show up three weeks early. 

When the family arrives I will crawl out of the dirt and check into a posh home on the beach,  seven days later I will crawl back into the dirt. 

I thought I would just camp around, pick up some work and tour the islands. Hawaii is a corporation there is no work for a homeless guy with no phone or address. The world has changed. I have changed.

I’ve been brought to my knees, as far as hawaii is concerned I am the invisible man.  A few months ago I was sailing the coast of British Columbia now I’m living with meth heads. I fantasize about having a cubicle and a car and a mortgage the more debt I can create the safer I will be because it will keep me neatly tucked into the cog of the corporate world.  I’m not lonely out here I’m truly alone.  I’m not a cryer, the only time I can recall in my adult life was when Chloe passed.   Today the tears fall like raindrops, I don’t even know why but I don’t fight it. 

The letters I receive warm my heart and help me make it through another day.  I’m not beaten, beaten down yes but not beaten.  My blinders are off for the first time  in my life I see the real world.  I guess what it really comes down to is that there is nothing I wouldn’t do for the people in this world I call friends and family.

I walk to the beach at dawn and write love letters in the sand to my imaginary girlfriend. It’s the most beautiful morning I have ever whitnessed  and through all this I can still only think of one thing.  I want to ride every inch of this tropical paradise. 

Tropical Depression


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I wake up from a deep sleep to a flute playing on the beach. I grab my ukulele and follow the siren song. 

20 years ago I bought a one way ticket to the islands. I happened across a magazine with Hawaii on the cover and read the article though twice on the plane. I tore it out of the magazine vowing to find every beautiful picture and wondered how a guy could show up and find so much beauty is such a short time. I eventually stumbled across every beach and valley on my own. Months later in an art gallery in Hilo I discovered all the photos from the article,  the writer hadn’t taken any if them and more than likely never visited the places he wrote about.  I re read the article and it wasn’t even that good, it was the pictures that made everything so interesting. 

I sit on the beach waiting for the sun and I miss my Mac and Nikon.  That’s who I am and what I do.  Bloging from an iPhone sucks. I can’t find my Rythim nothing flows. My writing feels dead to me. My photography is boring. The process is lost without my tools and I am the process. 

I have no idea what I’m doing here but this isn’t the Hawaii I came to see. So here I sit waiting always waiting.  Without beach camping I’m literally traped in paradise.  Today I will ride to the volcano, I hate always coming back to the same beautiful beach, I want to see them all. My mind and body need movement.  Retracing my steps is not my thing. 

I look at the sea and miss Sookie. I could anchor her anywhere for free.  Sookie would love hawaii and her strong wind and huge seas. I should of sailed her here. I’m constantly reminded that a boat equals the ultimate freedom I desire. 

I Am Mud


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I’ve been reduced to the lowest level of human existence. Wet, sandy, hungry and I posses scantly more than the shirt on my back. Taken back to the organs of man I am little more than the earth that covers my body. Standing naked in the garden of Eden I feel more alive than I ever have. I will not eat from the tree of good and evil.

My soul is finally at peace with the world, I have submitted to nature and let her run through me. I feel like a wild animal, alive and hungry.  I crave raw meat, raw everything. So again it is through having nothing that I have gained everything. 

I can no longer fail, I have reached the absolute rock bottom. From here on out success is my only option.  I can only better my life and those around me.  I have decided to do the one thing I never thought I would do. I will quit smoking. I’ve tried and failed before but that was when i was weak. Running naked through the jungle I fear nothing, I am wild, I am Stormy. 

I see the world differently now, no petty BS I just see how beautiful everything around me is. I’m ready for a bed, a hot shorer, the company of my friends and a good woman. 

I meditate for hours scanning  my entire life from birth to present. I have never once truly suffered in life the way so many do. I am privileged having been born in the United States. I am privileged in so many ways I can’t even count them. If your worried about me don’t be. Next time you see a person in need pay it foreward, buy them a sandwich or just say hi they are more than likely really lonely. 

I stare across the sea and silently hope that no person that reads my words will ever have to go through what I have since landing. I say those words knowing full well if I had to that I would do it all over again because this is where my story begins.  Mahalo 

le Miserables


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I curl up in the fetal position  I didn’t think it was possible that my new tent could hold so much water.  Everything is drenched including my mind. I’m so waterlogged even my soul is wet. 

The weather man has guessed ar four more days of heavy rain.  My tent is useless,  the wet walls  sag and droop it’s a miserable hell. 

 I’m up all night trying to sponge it out but it’s pointless .   I’m living in a wet coffin like tube called a one man tent, I can’t even sit up in it. I take it as another lesson from Maui, she is really pushing my buttons today.   

In a gesture of I won’t give up, I walk naked at first light down to the shore. I dive in screaming and laughing like a little boy. I’m having so much fun the world disappears and I’m suddenly startled that I have company…

Quit your job not your life.   From the journal of Stormy   West Maui

Lost And Found


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It’s only 9:00am and it’s aready an inferno, the air is thick and hot. Head winds blast at me, my twiggy legs look like they would be better suited On a chicken.  A week ago this ride would have killed me. 

Today they spin the pedals like well oiled pistons and the wind is no match. There is a Storm coming so I need to stock the pack for a few days. I take a wrong turn and find a shop I’ve been trying to find for a week, the sign says gone surfing. I leave a note and get lost again this time finding a True Value hardwear and half price stove fuel.  I should really try the cat food kind but i have bigger fish to fry. 
I’m blessed with an eating disorder, if not for it I would be staving but I feel quite satisfied if I keep my mileage under 4o a day. For breakfast I have 2 cups of coffee and 2 packets of cold instant oatmeal and love it. Lunch is snacks, each day I get one I the following. Half a bag of Fritos or half a box of Crackefs or half a can of nuts.  I snack on these all day but am careful not to over indulge.  I get a third of a jar of peanut butter a day and on special days I have an apple to spread it on and it’s a real treat.  Dinner is a little canned chicken thing with super spicy sauce and late night munches are whatever is left from the snack Bag.  For the most part I feel really satisfied and on days that I don’t I each coconut till it makes me sick, I love the stuff. I also carry one emergency pack of ramen noodles food super celebrations.  

I make it to town and back and beat the storm, organize the emergency supply’s and tuck my food receipt away for late reading in my leisure time. 

If it’s not too windy to ride tomorrow I will jump on the brompty for a magic carpet ride to town and get that job, as for now surfs up and I think it’s appropriate to repeat the number one phrase I hear on this island, gone surfing…



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The fishermans boat is old and worn like his hands.  Every day he sets out on the same journey and returns to the same place. This is my biggest fear in life,  the infinite circle leading to nowhere.

The road is like an oven searing me alive there is always a head wind no matter which way I am going. A cyclist blows by me then slows to let me catch up and we char.  He tells me everything that is wrong with my bike and why it’s to slow.  My response is for  Him to slow down and relax,  he is riding on and island loop and will never get there. 

I have lost count of the days but I have my own loop, I ride my bike looking for a job I don’t want but need. I pop into town window shopping looking at all the things I need but don’t want. I people watch meet locals and try and make new friends.  I have 15 hours a day to kill,   I had hopes that time would be spent on the bike always on the move and soon it will be.  

Last minute circumstances changed everything so i roll with it and try not to fight it. Today I will look for a new way to find work, I don’t know Exactly how because I haven’t invented it yet but there must be a better way. It’s time to get creative. 

The farmer says to the cow, give me milk and I will feed you. The cow replies feed me and I will give you milk. 

Bicycle Touring Hawaii


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Rolling down the hwy at a cool 15 mph I chuckle to myself, I’ve come along way from my Harley   Today is a special day, it’s day 7 which means all the tourists are going home but not me. I wouldn’t consider myself a local but Hawaii is now my home for as long as I continue my slow meandering bicycle tour on my little Brompton.

The bike is both my master and servant,  I love the mobility but feel like I have to baby sit the bike everywhere i go to protect her from sticky fingers. Having now passed the 200 mile mark on this bike a can truly say Bromptins are truly the best and coolest folding bike on the planet.   They also happen to the next  est thing to a puppy on a leash for meeting people. 

Had I not had the bike with me I could of found much more secluded spots to poach for the night. On the other hand if I didn’t have the bike I could only go where the bus goes, all the best places I have visited have been by brompty. 

So I survived the first week sometimes even thrived in it but so far this trip has been a gold mine. I get many emails asking for writing advice and the first question I ask is always what’s your story.  I’ve posted about 10 percent of my real journey here saving the balance of the goods for, We’ll I too have found a new story and it will… Sorry but you are going to have to wait for me to publish it

The very second I stepped off the plane a princess from Bali approached me and she must have had good juju because every character on the island has found thier way to me. 

So I took a chance, failed miserably. Accepted help and found my story. If I hadn’t of shown up broke I wouldn’t have found it.  I’m not out of the woods yet and assume chapter 1 will be just as crazy as the intro.   All I can ad is write what you know, do what you love, and remember everybody is afraid all the time. Don’t let fear guide you, ride that wave till it’s over an eventually you will teach a new shore.  Mahalo

Maui Music


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Storm clouds are gathering, I can feel change in the air and change is a good thing. I pulled my trusty uke out and wandered down the road looking for my own private bit of beach to serenade the islands

So you can’t sleep on the beach, I get it and yes hitch hiking is no longer allowed, duly noted. Not being able to indulge in either of These activities is a small price to pay for balmy days on the beach and tropical star lit nights falling asleep to the sound of rustling palms and wavelets caressing the sandy edge of my new island home. 

For days I have been staring across tourquise waters wondering what Lanai is like, maybe it’s time for this road weary wanderer to take a vacation. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but today is serving up a light tropical rain that I like to call liquid sunshine. 

Lesson for today I have a ukulele and a few days worth of food.  Water is free and falls from the sky as does the nectar of the islands. Today I have everything I need and that’s all we can really count on or ask for. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.

Dear Maui, thank you for providing we with everything I need and nothing I don’t.

Fear And Loathing In Maui


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The sherif say yoo no mah the heetchhike, go see da judge. 


I was up at the crack of dawn hitch hiking my way to Wailuku for a days work and a chance to put a few bucks in my pocket.  I was very excited as this was my first offer since arriving.   I’m sure  it’s all my fault. I must have gone to the wrong place.   I waited two hours then gave up and tried to thumb it home and that is where all my troubles started. 

A thirty dollar cab ride sent me back to where I started, to lick my wounds.   The day started off weird enough so I should have known better.   Even back home wherever that is bad days can happen.  It’s time for a shower and a cup of coffee.  

I’m still shaken from my cycling mishaps but it’s time to get back in the sadle an start pedaling my brompton again.  

I think of my Heros  and Larry Pardey comes to mind.  He is one I the most successful people i know. One thing for sure he didn’t make it without taking many chances and risks for his dreams to manifest.  His simple words, if it’s this difficult it must be worth it give me strength. 

Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges and as each one is met it’s done screaming I’m alive.  Frank Sinatra May have done it his way but I’m learning to do it the islands way. Mahalo

Down Island


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I lay naked in my tent drenched with sweat. I feel something crawling on my back, a spider. I try and swat it but miss, where did it go. Are the red ones poison or the orange ones?

When I arrived in Maui it was to warm wind driven rain.  The rain went away and was replaced by hurricane force winds.  Now its a dead calm and the bugs are out full force. The mosquito netting  is useless. 

The sun hasn’t risen yet but I’m wide awake still on mainland time. Today will be a day to explore down island as u will be hitch hiking to find a days work.

Each morning I wake up with a pain in my gut. What the hell am I doing here?  The fear creeps in but with the rising mornin sun the ocean reminds me that  home. 

Hello Father I’m In Jail


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Those were to be the first words I would be speaking with my one free phone call.

Alrhough fate stepped in it could have been ugly  Next time we catch you on the beach we take your gear and you go to see the Judge were the rangers last words to me. Over and over they kept  playing in my head all night long. Call me a sissy but the whole incarceration thing really doesn’t meet my needs.

For the next few weeks I will be sleeping safe and sound in a campground by the sea. This gives me time to regroup and come up with a slightly better plan as nothing in the world could possibly fail as miserably as plan A did.   Did I actually just say that?

Hitchhiking home after another failed day on the job front I met Havi when he picked me up on the side of the road.  We made a quick detour to the dump an then he took me out for a Delicious lunch. My stomach has shrunk so much I could barely finish but now I feel fully charged and ready for a days worth I work that he  offered me doing my favorite thing, breaking shit.. .

As for the seaside retreat all I can say is thank you Daddy :)

Hawaii 5-0


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This isn’t your fathers Hawaii. I’ve survived the transition, the early mornings are the hardest. The quiet darkness eats at my mind, I fight back. Be strong, you can do it

Riding toward Kaanapali the bike path soon ends leading to hairy winding and tight roads with too much trafic  I throw in the towel after almost being run off the road only to find the opposite direction even more dangerous.  Now I’m on the cliff side and another near miss has my heart in my throat. I’m almost out of coconut water so a take a break and find a tropical refill, they are always free. 

Extracting salvation from the nut is extremely labor intensive work but worth it.  I drink half of the sweet water pouring the rest in my bottle mixed with water for later.  The meat will be my days snack.

I say a prayer and get back on the road. My load is too heavy so for the umpteenth time in so many days I will take everything out and scrutinize its I importants .   The homeless guys are on to something with those tiny packs and bikes, there are hints and lessons all around me; all I have to do is observe with a new set of eyes.  

I still haven’t used my sleeping bag, the night air is warm and balmy so I lay on my pad and sleep naked. I’ve been taught that you don’t sleep without a bag so it’s not only physically weighing me down but mentally as well.  I need to relearn everything and let go of my few possessions if I’m goin to make this work.  

The world of budget travel is vastly different than just 20 years ago but it’s not impossible you just have to be creative. I was a fool to think I could show up with 500 bucks and survive. I make the best of it another day older and another day wiser.  

When I get down on myself for all the mistakes I have made I remind myself of the alternative, what I would be doing if I wasn’t here living in a tropical paradise.  All I can say is perspective wields a sharp knife. 

Hunger Games


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If you haven’t fasted for a week you should try it. The mind gets strong as does the body and soul.

I’m on the wrong side of the island for fruit and my camping situation is still rough but I feel my strength coming back both mentally and physically. I’m doing my best to avoid the redicules fines for sleeping on the beach but to be honest anyplace close to town is a bit sketchy for my timid taste.

Coconut on the other hand is helping cleanse my soul as is the salt water. My skin is now rubbery soft and smooth and a bit of muscle is starting to show from behind all my fat. The stress of losing Chloe really put me in an emotional tailspin but now I feel like  I’m climbing back out of the hole. 

I’ve been waking up around three evey day and go to sleep shortly after sunset. Early tomorrow I will try my hand at spearing a tuna.  I’m still a weak, scared and timid Haole but each day I go a little more native

Hele On Down 


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I’ve finally found the one good thing I’m consistently good at, failure.  The rangers are on to me, there will be no camping on the beach for me although they did offer  a less appealing alternative.     

  Everyone I have met is unbelievably friendly and helpful but it seems there are no job openings if you don’t have a perminate address, I live just down the beach doesn’t seem to cut it. Again it’s way too windy to ride my bike so I will hitch into town to contine my search for employment and fresh fruit, all I have found so far are coconuts.

My poor eyes are a bit sunburned but they are still quite pleased with never ending rainbows and the hundreds of shells and coral I have been finding on my beach trash collection journeys.

Feeling a bit lonely last night I took my uke to beach to serenade the stars and ended up making many new friends. It’s scary right now being dead broke and homeless but I know I’m were I’m meant to be, there is magic in these islands. I’ve always said that the first three days of anything new are the hardest.  If you can survive them then everything will come your way. Hele on down. 

Bicycle Touring Hawaii Fail


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It’s taken me exactly one day to be completely transformed from a cycling tourist to a homeless person seeking shelter   I find an old shed and share it with the geckos and a few land crabs . 


 The wind is  blowing so hard  it threatens  to take the old tin roof with it, I can only imagine what it will  be like when the rain comes


I made I to Lahaina forgot to by coffee but did find stove fuel at triple the price. I  successfuly located and  cleared all the thorns from my stealth site by stepping on them.

in no particular order a huge shark kept me from swimming.  I got heat stroke. A ranger kicked me out if my site, hurricane winds descended out of the valley  and my IPhone is on deaths door

The roads on the Island are smooth clean and wide with wonderful bike lanes.  The trafic is nonstop high speed and never ending   Roadside memorials are the cyclists constant companion. The wind has me trapped like a rat and it’s only just begun.

I’ve spent the last few months living in a cold tin shed and was constantly asked how I could be so happy living there.   My simple response always came with a huge smile.  Three hots and a cot, what more could I ask for in this world.

Day One Fail


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A rooster is crowing somewhere off in the distance.  It’s 4:00 am. I’m wide Wake but still exausted from my travels. For the first time since hatching this silly plan I’m actually thinking clearly or should I say what the hell was I thinking.

Day one Burned through 25 percent of my budget and my reality check just bounced.  To ad insult to injury I forgot my sunglasses and somehow packed way too much crap in my bike box to fit on my bike.

On a  plus side day one also saw me pulling a Stormy on multiple fronts and if it’s any indication of what lies ahead…. We’ll lets just say Maui is going to be good to me,

The best plan I can come up with for today is to find a nice palm to play my uke under and see where this life takes me .  Like they say there is nothing more efficient than a scared man with a bucket.

E Kipa Mai


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Lets face it the number one redeeming quality of any folding bike is that it folds.  My choice to buy a Brompton over a Bike Friday was a simple one, why settle when you don’t have to.


The Brompton is a quirky little bike that goes against all the rules and I’m rapidly falling in love with it now that a have a few laps around the track. In my opinion its the best folding bike on the market which is my I have my ass firmly planted on one.


There was a definite learning curve not only to riding this bike but also basic maintenance.  Like Sookie my little Brompton is tough as nails but also needs a bit of extra care and feeding but thats a small price to pay for a comfortable, safe and reliable ride.

around the world

I’m not riding away from sailing or the boat, I will be back.  This is simply a side journey.  Its one of healing from the loss of my faithful companion, finding peace and letting go.

falmouth cutter

Its also a journey in search the one thing that has been missing from my life for so many countless years.


There is a treasure at the end of the rainbow, her name is Sookie.  Be it a week, month or a year when the time is right I will go home, splash her and sail into the sunset.

falmouth Cutter 22

By the time you have read these words I will have already walked out the door, E Kipa Mai E Ku’u Aloha

“Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you.
You must travel it by yourself.
It is not far. It is within reach.
Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know.
Perhaps it is everywhere – on water and land.”
― Walt Whitman

Between The Lines


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They say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. This post has nothing to do with faith because thats the one thing I’m leaving without.  Bromton

My brain is a little fried but somehow I managed to scrounge up a tent last minute.  I forgot all my cooking gear on the boat but I do have a little stove even though I can’t take fuel for it with me.  I can easily go a few weeks without eating but one day without coffee will kill me so I might go straight into survivor man mode, i.e. making fire caveman style.

I wanted something special to measure my journey and since I forgot both of my water bottles with my cook gear I decided to splurge and buy a brand new one.  Clean and shiny and new soon enough it will tell its own story of our travels as will I.  Faith is a crewel mistress so I have left her behind instead choosing to make my own path.

Theres a story in the making here, but like you I will have to wait to turn the page just a little bit longer.  We all know the old canned beginning, once upon a time…  And of course can count on the ending, and they lived happily ever after.  The fairytale is what happens between the lines.

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
― Neil Gaiman

I’m Not Leaving You


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I’m just leaving…

For the first time in my life I feel truly alone, lonely and perhaps a bit apprehensive about my upcoming journey.  Landing in a strange place and not knowing a soul isn’t a new experience for me but the timing for such foolery isn’t ideal.  Packing up the last bits of my life I find remnants of this and that, now only snippets of time gone by.  I know its always darkest before the dawn so I try and squash all my uneasy feelings and search for the light knowing full well that without stepping off the cliff there is no chance that a net will appear.

As scary as it all seems on this cold rainy day I know that letting fear guide my life would be my downfall.  Living a fear based life is living a life doomed to medeocrity. One by one I pack my fears with my small pile of personal possessions and prepare to take them on this journey with me.  I will slowly and sytematically discard them with each new milestone achieved and hopefully some day very soon I will look back and laugh at how scared I really am today.

“The danger of venturing into uncharted waters is not nearly as dangerous as staying on shore, waiting for your ship to sail in.”

Around The World On $500


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Or at least around the block.  I’ve done the unthinkable, the one thing I swore I would never do again.  I purchased a one way coach ticket to Maui.  The jet set world of private aircraft spoiled me to the point of finding even first class air travel unbearable.


I swore I would never fly commercial again but the choices were simple.

A) Land in Hawaii with my life savings of 500 bucks and a bit of desire for adventure.

B) Spend the next year writing about the adventures of life in modern societies version of the iron maiden we call a cubicle and that damn flickering fluorescent light gnawing at my brain.

Ether one could probably make for some pretty interesting writing but I have chosen A as it is very likely to be a bit more entertaining to my dysfunctional mind that keeps telling me that its not an adventure till something goes wrong.

Its easy at 25 to spin your wheels thinking that the world will go on forever but once 30 rolls around you had better make use of every second as the clock is ticking.  Its the age old question of your money or your life.  Currently I have neither.  I will spend the next ten days locked away in an old tin shed in cocoon status.  When i emerge I will spread my wings like a butterfly and fly away.  And no I don’t think money is inherently evil but selling your soul for it is.  Right now my life stocks are on sale and I’m buying all the shares I can afford.  All I can do is hope that they appreciate with time and experience.

My chicken and the egg question for the day…  Is it the writer that makes the story or the story that makes the writer.

“It is the preoccupation with possesions, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly.” That’s the way things work in my life.  Bertrand Russel



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We turned out to be two of the worst videographers on the planet.  Most of our footage was lost, blurry or had naked bodies ruining the film.

Its still a coin toss between sailing to Alaska in the spring or around Vancouver Island.  Next time I will try my luck with a Go Pro and just let it run.  We had perfect sailing conditions for about 70 of our 75 day cruise but the hardest thing in the world is to grab the camera when it gets boisterous.  I found myself having so much fun pushing the boat that my camera was the last thing on my mind.

I wish a had a video mentor but if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.   the above raw clip is just a peek at a day or two of British Columbia before I pack the Mac away for the season.

“The saddest journey in the world is the one that follows a precise itinerary. Then you’re not a traveler. You’re a fucking tourist.”
― Guillermo del Toro

Maui No Ka Oi


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No Ka Oi translates simply to the best and Maui is by far the best or at least my favorite of the Islands of Hawaii. having said that I have explored all of the other islands ad nausium but Maui has always been reserved for lush short term get aways.

Touring on a Brompton

Truthfully I know almost nothing about Maui past the poolside tiki bars of the many  5 star resorts I have visited over the years.  This time it will be a bit different, I’m buying a one way ticket, my pack is stripped to the very basics and of corse my trusty new Brompton will replace the normal mode of island transportation.

I sent out a letter to all my friends and aquaintances inviting them to fly south for the winter on a sort of working holiday but didn’t get one single taker.  I know all to well what it feels like to be trapped by the constraints of society and it seems that everyone I know is on the treadmill of life so my travel will be a solo journey.  In my easy slow moving way I don’t have any plans or destination in mind.  Once I get off the plane I’ll pack up the bike and start riding towards the sunset and see where she leads me.

I’ve given myself 2 weeks to familiarize myself with my new Brompton and her 1200 parts.  I need to build a spares kit for her so I can do all of her maintenance and repair roadside.  I have gone through the entire bike a dozen times looking for potential weak spots or places that might suffer in in tropics and am confident that I have chosen the best touring bike for the job.

Like with everything in life I prefer to ride the long easy flat terrain but I know there will be valleys to climb out of and mountains to traverse.   I look forward to the long painful grind as what goes up must come down, the hardest earned journeys are always the best or should I say No Ka Oi.



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I took one last look around Sookie and locked her up for the winter. Ive whittled my possessions down to a 38 liter daypack and my Brompton. The boat is packed and ready to take me to Alaska in the spring but there is a long cold winter between here and there.

My Mac Book and Nikon didn’t make the cut so I’m testing to see if I can blog from my I phone until I figure out a better way to pack my life up in a daypack.

I continue my search for a one way ticket but which way do I go to find summer. My destination is unknown but my future  is steady as a rock. My search for a warm sandy beach with the occasional gentle island rain shower has begun.

Sailing Budgets 2016


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George Washington once wrote “We must consult our means rather than our wishes.”  They told us we couldn’t sail the inside passage engine-less, without a depth sounder, with minimal charts and on our minimalist budget.  We didn’t have a life raft, e-pirb, sat phone, chart plotter, radar, A.I.S., hell we didn’t even have a toilet.
falmouth cutter 22

Virginia wrote, I am so confused and I hope you can fill me in on a part of the puzzle that I can’t wrap my head around. I basically want to do exactly what you are, but am faced with the question of “Where is the money going to come from?”
You say that you had .14 in your bank account after buying Sookie, and no savings. That sounds good! I can do that!
Since then, you have refit her, you are in a marina, and you just bought a rather expensive bike. You never mention work. I know you got about 3K from donations this year, but I can’t figure out for the life of me how you are affording all this. How can you contemplate buying a BCC with no job, no savings, no fixed address? Selling Sookie wouldn’t cover the cost. You can’t get a loan with no job.
I would be really, really interested to see a post, or even just a reply to this message, about how you swing this financially. I get being minimalist, but Brompton folders, marina space, and cases of wine don’t cost pennies. Please help me figure out how to finance my dream by illuminating how you afford to live the way you do.sailing to alaska

Money is one of my favorite and least favorite topics, the short answer is that it doesn’t really matter how I make my way through because my way won’t work for you but I can give you a small peek into my world.  First off I have received less than $300.00 year to date in donations and every penny of them has been spent on ice cold beer.  I may never mention work but I work my ass off to live this life be it making money, maintaining the boat, upgrading the boat, writing, taking care of my loved ones… the hard work never ends.  Right now I am working for four companies in addition to voulinteering about 30 hours a week.

flicka sailing

Refitting a boat like the Falmouth cutter isn’t for the faint of heart, there is not a single item on this boat that can be bought off the shelf, every addition is fabricated but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.  I do 99 percent of the upgrades myself, if you can’t figure it out try google its like a tiny book of knowledge covering every subject on the planet earth.

sailing a flicka

As far as buying and selling boats I don’t take loans ever, or have a single cent owed in the form of credit debt.  Sailing small boats means small bills such as insurance, storage, maintenance and upgrades.  On that same note I rarely turn down a days work from scrubbing toilets to ghost writing if it will add a day of freedom to my life I’ll do it. I also buy, sell and trade small items every chance I get. More importantly its not how much you earn but how much you save.

sailing budgets

Yes the Brompton cost a pretty penny but its also like having money in the bank, I paid about half of retail buying a used bike with about 5 miles on it.  Purchasing anything new is just an added tax for people who are really bad at math.  I do without most things people love in life such as a car, house, bank account, eating out on a regular basis…  The best book ever written is called Your Money Or Your Life” READ IT, buy it used for 2 bucks on Amazon.  If you can’t afford it email me and I will buy it for you.

sailing budgets

Virginia, I don’t know what your budget is or your adventure but here is a simple way to make it happen right now.  Sell everything you own and buy a 1,000.00 Columbia 24.  Move onto it and start maintaining it and sailing it daily.  Cancel your phone and all insurance policies, anchor out, eat simple healthy meals, if it has ingredient listed on the package you can’t afford to purchase it.  We live happily on spicy beans and rice occasionally splurging for meat.  Peanuts are a great snack and fill you up.  Eggs don’t need refrigeration actually nothing natural does.  As far as my wine budget goes last night a shared a 2010 Cab it was the best bottle of wine I have ever had and the last of its vintage on the planet earth, most things must be shared to be fully enjoyed in this life.  My normal wine costs $2.49 a bottle and I drink two glasses or $1.25 a day.  Even on my pathetically small budget which is 400 bucks a month I personally feel like I live the best life I know of and don’t have a single complaint.  I know you will find your way to achieving your dreams but not until you have committed 100% to living them.  If you still can’t figure it out swing by for a sail.  One last note, do your best to be the most awesome human being on the planet and oppertunites will fall out of the sky and into your life.

To be truly rich you must count the seconds, save the pennies and catch the crumbs that others throw away every chance they get. Stormy

Land Ho


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Indecision tells me my heart isn’t there in my present mind.  I declined the BCC and it has gone to a backup offer.  I’ve also decided its time to find a new home for Sookie while I set off on a few land adventures.

for sale falmouth cutter 22

I’ve always wanted a BCC from the very first time I spotted one in San Diego in the mid 80’s I knew I would some day sail my on ship.  With winter sneaking in the last thing I wanted was two boats with miles of wood, paint, varnish and oil under my care.

The plain truth is I just don’t want to deal the maintenance on a BCC while I’m out traveling and travel is where my heart is, land travel.  The open road is calling my name and so is a warm winter for once.  I’m not buying the farm but its time for a break from boats and a little exploration further from the only place I have ever called home, the sea.

In a week I will check Sookie and make sure she is buttoned up for the long winter.  All I need now is to choose my next adventure, I have an idea where I’m headed but for how long I can’t say, what I do know is that it will be based around my quirky new little folding Brompton.  I’m going light and simple.  I don’t know if I can blog from an I-phone but that will be my entire office and lifeline to the world I am temporarily leaving behind.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
― Leo Tolstoy

Bristol Channel Cutter vs Falmouth Cutter


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Just when I think life can’t get any better the universe is once again calling my bluff.  A beautiful Bristol Channel Cutter 28 has literally fallen into my lap.

Falmouth Cutter

The only question on my mind is do I really want a bigger boat.  For all the bitching and groaning I do about winter and not having a reliable heat source on Sookie I have done little in the interest of marketing her for sale.  I know she is the perfect boat for me but so is the Bristol Channel Cutter 28.  Six more feet plus a few in beam would certainly make for extra space to roam but I would also be nearly doubling my displacement and need to find a larger slip.

I’m walking out the door to visit the coast and when I come back in a few days I have to give my answer.  Is bigger really better?  Can I single hand a 37′ boat and do I want to?  Will the romance of sailing be diminished?  Do I really want to work on all that extra wood?  Can I turn down what may be a once in a lifetime offer on a boat?

I’ve never been fond of now or never proposals but have also lived to regret not jumping onboard when the gravy train pulls through.  Much to think about and a rainy weekend on the coast completely unplugged is just what the doctor ordered.  What would you do?

“Not knowing when the dawn will come
I open every door.”
― Emily Dickinson

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost


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I watched as she pedaled her bike down the road and just like that she was gone.  The hardest part of living a nomadic life is always saying goodbye.  On some level I wanted to beg her to stay but at 25 I did the same thing she is.  I walked out the door and lever looked back.

nature girl

When I met her she didn’t know how to ride a bike, couldn’t make a fire, set up a tent or navigate by the sun, moon and stars.  Today will be her biggest test.  Alone in the world, her new home is her bike and the open road.  The first 24 hours will be the toughest mentally but if she can survive that she is well on her way to Key West where she will prepare to set off to hike the Appellation Trail in the spring.

I don’t know if i’ve ever truly felt lonely in my life but there is a quiet emptiness screaming to me that its also my time to move.  I’m still waiting on my new Brampton but my bag is packed save for a tent which I will likely do without for now.

All I have to do is point to the map and buy a one way ticket to the next big adventure.  Hawaii is my home and where I have always gone to sooth the soul when life gets too complicated.  Hot coffee at sunrise with a pile of fresh picked fruit and my toes buried in the warm squishy sand is the best medicine for… well anything.  If my knee’s hold out I will bike tour Oregon starting on the coast in spring but that is a long way off and I feel the need to escape now.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

Options Trading Leads To The Good Life


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Like the best cooking recipes life is best made from scratch.  In 3 short days I will be pushing my protege from the nest to pursue her dreams while I move on the constant quest to create my tiny personal empire.   A smidgen over 4 years ago I lost everything, the rebuilding process has been amazingly fun although I have had my moments.

falmouth cutter 22

Its no small secret so to speak that I prefer really kewl small shit like my ukulele, Brompton, Falmouth Cutter and soon enough a tiny log cabin built with little more than my bare hands.  Small, simple and naturally powered is my preferred way of life, although I have been known to stray.  Trading options keeps life fun and exciting, somedays soon I hope to live my life in 4 quarters, sailing in the spring, bike touring in the summer, flying the bush in the fall and wintering on my tiny homestead. Always on the move my life is a bit schizophrenic but until I find a reason to settle down without settling I will continue my nomadic way of life.

Kilt fire, Utilikilt

My new pack is packed and my Brompton is almost here.  My tiny budget does not allow for everything I want but it has provided everything I need to stealth camp my way through the South Pacific until I am ready to return to the Pacific Northwest and start my spring adventures.  Now if I could only figure a way into a Piper Super Cub I could fulfill my life long dream of becoming a bush pilot.

The story isn’t what you did, its how you did it.  

Big Brother


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Running through the woods on the heels of sunset I stopped to catch my breath and laugh out loud as I saw my family spread out and running, arms stretched making the most unholy racket.  Smiling I thought to my self that in all my life I have never seen  bigger bunch of backwards ass country fucks and that was the beginning of the end of the best damn day of my life.

big brother

My big brother has always been my protector, sure as kids he would kick my ass on a near daily basis but what he was really doing is toughening me up, teaching me how to fight and making me strong enough to one day face the world afraid of nothing.  Ok, almost nothing. I am afraid of water in all forms, heights, commitment, bugs, the dark, rejection, change…There is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do for him which is exactly how I ended stuck up in a tree hanging on for my dear life with a wailing cat attempting to bite through my jugular.

I’ve fallen into a pretty deep depression over the loss of my best friend and faithful companion and while I can usually hide it I’m on the verge of a complete breakdown on a near hourly basis.  Even though words are never spoken my big bro always seems to know more than I do and picks me up when I need it most delivering me to his ranch where they stuff my gullet to the brim with home cooked dinners, world class wine and more dessert than any human  should consume in any given day.  Thats all fine and good but its his family dynamic that saves my soul, its like being at the circus and you literally never know what could happen at any moment.

A hot shower washed away a hard days work, I had barely sat down with glass of wine when I called out, hey a piglet just ran down your driveway.  Sure Al his wife called from the kitchen.  I heard the front door slam as the girls ran gigling up the mountain side to cut off our new little friend and bring her home.  Five minutes later they brought home video footage, calls had been made and we all ran into the woods to save a little piglet I later named Muffin Top.  I knew she wouldn’t survive the night, lions, the cold or maybe getting run over by a car her future looked grim.  I decided that no matter what I would save her.

We chased our little piglet  up the road and down the road, into the woods and out.  We got within 30 feet of her pen but she escaped and again we all scrambled to save her.  I grabbed the pig net and set out on foot, by the time we reached the top of the hill we both stopped in exhaustion and near cardiac arrest.  A moment later the hunt was on again and so it went.  Eventually we cornered that little pig in our own garage, the farmer netted her and picked her up by her hind legs to safely transport her to the car, squealing at the top of her lungs the tough little piglet protested and for a brief moment we all became vegetarians.  gathered around the table that night we all talked and laughed about our adventure while ironicaly a huge plate of pork chops sat untouched for the moment.

It can be a cruel world that we live in but its the good in our loved ones that surround all of us that gets us through when nothing else can.  Family is the most beautiful word in the human language.

Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore. ~Hindu Proverb

Try Not To Be A Dick


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I love crowd funding, over the years I have supported many efforts and will continue to as often as I see fit. Personally I have never engaged in a crowd funding project and I doubt I ever will.  Another day older and more lessons learned.

Try no to be a dick

Lets face it we feel like we deserve a pat on the back from time to time.  I guess I felt entitled to a break after 10 solid years of faithfully blogging.  I’ve never asked for anything and honestly I turn down about 50 advertising offers a year in order to keep my site clean.

4 years of on and off negotiating “read begging” for a free bike from a local manufacturer came to an end this week when I was flat out told no I will never get a free bike but I can have a small discount.  In my tiny little mind I felt like I deserved a free bike, I write about what I love truthfully and have a strong enough internet presence that I should get it for free.  After all why should I pay for a bike only to turn around and write about it day in and day out for years on end for nothing?  On a whim I turned to a local bike shop, sent a quick A.D.D Dyslexic letter asking for a pro deal. I.E. a bike at cost figuring I could help out my LBS in the process of helping myself, WRONG MOVE.

The next morning I received a reply that didn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy and in typical Stormy fashion replied to his reply starting a mini word war three.  Well his email was never meant to be sent to me but written in a moment of frustration, mine was sent because I am a dick.  He sent back a sincere appology confirming if to no one else but myself how huge of a King Kamehameha dick I am and I replied hopefully ending what should have never started in the first place.

Lesson learned??? No matter who you are or what you do you are not entitled to shit.  If you want somethiong earn it, get ten jobs, sell your useless shit, save every penny and soon enough you will have something so awesome to write about that all the dicks in the universe will send you hate mail telling you how much of a douche trustafarian failure that you are but at that point who gives a shit, it’s your trip and your life, you earned it and best of all you don’t owe anyone shit.

My point to all this?  Well, what is the point?  Crowd funding and advertising does have its place in this world but it’s not for me.  Once again I am humbled by a complete stranger, a day older and a little bit wiser.

PS Dear Rolex can I please have a free watch ;)

Follow The White Line


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Thats all I have to do, follow the white line… but which one.  Re-constructive eye surgery saved my sight but also gave me a bonus, two worlds for the price of one.  I’ve had permanent double vision since the mid 80’s.  Lets face it, finding my coffee in the morning or walking down the sidewalk is a big enough challenge to keep me on my toes.


Pursuing a career as an adventure photographer, writer and traveler is an off the charts challenge.  Sure I could have just gone on disability and had a safe, easy, boring life but that was and is not my destiny.


The two worlds I live in are both frightening and beautiful.  You could never imagine how beautiful the sunsets are, the sense of satisfaction I receive when my camera turns out priceless images or the feeling of accomplishment I have every time I return from a bike ride in one piece.


Reading and writing is the most difficult, but its through the lens that I find my greatest challenge, within seconds of squinting one eye to look through the viewfinder I become dizzy and nauseous.


My dislexia adds the final challenge as my double world is also backwards.  Of course I’m not writing this for myself, A good friend recently admitted that they were crippled with fear over an upcoming adventure.  To be honest I have been crippled with fear every day of my life just at the prospect of surviving in this dizzy world I live in.  My simple message is that if you are not following those dreams you have while your eyes are wide open maybe you just don’t want them badly enough.  Shit or get off the pot.

“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.”
― Randy Pausch

My New Brompton


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Introducing my new torture chamber a Brompton M6R, Ok its almost mine, I sent a $200 deposits to a complete stranger, I just have to raise the balance of the cash and find my way to Seattle to pick her up, I say her because I have named her Bernie.

bike touring on a brompton

This is one of the smallest folding bikes made.

bike touring on a bromton

She will fit perfectly under the companionway steps on Sookie.

bike touring on a brompton

Smart and collapsible is great but this is also going to be my new touring bike.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve but i will reveal them later.


For now she is tour ready, I just strap my pack to her rack and split.

bike touring on a brompton

The hardest part is waiting but I know it will be worth it to have the worlds best folding bike.

bike touring on a brompton

How I got lucky enough to find the exact color and model I was looking for is a mystery but if you will it, it will come.

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.”
― Ernest Hemingway

Bike Friday VS Brompton


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I will ride my bike until I sail again.  A cloud burst caught my attention pulling me from the mundane task of labeling an endless supply of the worlds finest wines.  Big poofy clouds, blue sky and the smell of wet asphalt made me smile.

best folding bike on boats

Sure I have the perfect boat to sail around the world but being a privileged American I want more.  I have always wanted to pick up  bike touring where I left off and ride around the world but what if I could do both.  Every spring I am forced to sell my beautiful bike when sailing season rolls around.  When the crispy days of fall return my mind strays from the boat, the saddle calling my name.  This is the year I will throw down and get a real folding bike and never again have to say good by to my winter steed.

Topo Designs Klettersack 15

There are dozens of folding bikes out there but only two that will do for this sailor boy, the Bike Friday or the Brompton.  No matter how you slice it and dice it the bike alone will set me back over 2k which is no small price to pay.  My travel budget is still $100 a week so it will set me back 5 months of travel funding but you can’t put a price on the freedom a bicycle affords.

Living aboard a pocket cruiser

At this point I don’t know where I’m headed but wherever it is it will be powered by the wind in my lungs and or sails, the only limits are my own physical means.  I’ll never forget my first bike, the freedom, the smile it brought to my face and the adventures of discovering my world which at that time was as far as my mommy could see me down the road.  My playground has increased since then but its no larger of an adventure than it was at the ripe old age of 6.  If you want to find the secrets of the fountain of youth saddle up and take a spin around the… As for me every mile I spin I get just a little bit younger and wiser.

The bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets. –Christopher Morley

The Anti-Crisis


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I never want to be one of those people who doesn’t drink or smoke or …  Hell I’m even thinking about starting to smoke pot.  I never thought I would make it to the age of 25 and so I treated my body like a disposable yet reusable drinking utensil.

J. Scott Cellars

When I turned 26 it was a shock but also an eye opener, no way could I make to 50 I figured so wham bam thank you ma’am.  I pushed my body beyond every limit known to man, I threw caution into the wind and didn’t give a thought to anything other than using up my body as best as I could before the big dirt nap.  Now that I’m staring down the barrel of 50 I’m feeling a bit used up physically but mentally I’m straight as an arrow.

Lets face it when most guys turn my age they start fantasizing about quitting their job buying a Ferrari, having sex with a movie star, then sailing off into the wild blue yonder.  I’ve been doing that shit for 30 years and now all of the sudden I think I’m having a midlife anti-crisis. The thought of doing nothing sounds like a dream come true, maybe a nice log cabin in the woods with a toasty wood burning stove, my trusty Gransfors axe and bottle of Blue Label.  I’ve got a story to tell but up until now I’ve never had time to tell it.

People keep asking me what I’m going to do with my life. I’ve been to the four corners of this great blue earth.  I’ve seen it all, i’ve done it all.  I’ve fought many a good man and loved many a great woman.   For fucks sake, Haven’t I done enough?

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body. But rather, to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming …. WOW what a fucking ride.”  Mark Frost

A Walk In The Woods


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Trying to review a backpack is like trying to review a jock strap.  Just because one guy can comfortably fit his junk into it, doesn’t mean you will be able to.

osprey talon 33

Sitting in the hot afternoon sun enjoying a nice glass of Sonoma county sparkling Zin  life on the outside felt impossibly perfect.  I say on the outside because on the inside I’m a train wreck.  For the first time in my adult life I don’t have a single obligation.  On one hand I feel free a a bird but on the other trapped like a rat.  I had to get way to sort my mind and I thought the mountians would be good medicine for a broken heart.

Osprey talon 33

Friday had me stuck in a tree 30 feet off the ground saving a cat but who was going to save me?  The next morning I packed up and headed for the Cascades, a light dusting of snow covered the ground reminding me its almost time to find a nice little cabin with a wood burning stove to hole up in.  It was good to be with the wilderness again but it also was a harsh reality check.  Everywhere I went I instinctively felt Chloe but she was not there.  Its going to take some time getting used to not having my canine companion with me.  I did my best to bury my heart on that mountain.

osprey talon 33

I still haven’t found the perfect backpack for a round the world expedition but I will keep at it till I do.  I’m not actually planning any journeys but I want the option at hand and its a good way to keep the mind busy.  Sunday had me back at the industrial oasis and ready to resume my life as a migrant worker.  Its wine making season and I’m knee deep in grapes, glass and corks.

osprey talon 33

Soaked to the bone inside a grape crusher the dark humid space felt safe, hot steamy water everywhere, grape seeds covered my body.  A hard days work soothed the soul, my mind lost in some other world.  I heard a rap on the tank and crawled out.  I was handed a beautiful glass of Sonoma Brut to toast the crush and wandered out into the hot sun to enjoy it.  I closed my eyes and looked back on the year so far.  Winter bike touring the San Juan Islands.  Spring sailing the inside passage.  July stomping around Lopez Island and August moving from winery to tasting room enjoying the magical talents of Oregon’s best wine makers.  The crush has started and when it ends I will pick up that pack and go for a walk in the woods.

crush 2015

“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”
― Paulo Coelho

Ultralight Lifestyle


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Minimalists expedition is how I would explain it.  I’ve stripped my life down to a 33 liter pack, two bottles of wine and my ukulele.  Half filled with snacks, my trusty Izula and a handful of warmies my new Osprey Talon 33 is already pissing me off…

ultralight backpacking

Light and simple is good.  My rucksack filled with pepper crackers a summer sausage and three types of cheese.  My squishy down bag, wool socks, titanium mug and hopefully enough string to hang a bear bag.  My entire load including food and water is a hair under 20 pounds 14 of it consumable….  The mountains are calling me home.

No shoes, no, shirt, no service

Touching The Void


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One hundred letters and counting, each one helping to fill the void in my heart.  Not a single letter has been read without shedding a tear and filling my heart with some level of hope that this empty feeling will turn to anything other than pain.

touching the void

Finding a reason to live is difficult these days.  We all have some driving force that fuels our lives with desire.  I’ve spent the last year carrying Chloe everywhere we went, now I have an open void that needs to be filled If I’m to survive this.

bicycle touring on a single speed

I never wanted this new freedom I have but here it is, I can go anywhere or do anything without responsibility, time frames or travel restrictions.  Travel is no longer an obstacle to be dealt with.  I can walk out the door and never come back if I choose.    It was Chloe that always kept me grounded.  The restrictions and responsibilities of traveling and living with my little buddy are gone.  Last week traveling 100 miles was like packing for an expedition, now I need little more than  the clothes on my back.

Osprey Talon 33

My brother showed up unannounced and kidnapped me to his ranch.  We spent the weekend eating drinking and laughing with him, his wife and two amazing doughters.  I slept the whole night through for the first time in years and had no reason to wake up early.  No 6:00 Am rows to shore or midnight walks.  there was and endless supply of laughing and smiles on the outside but deep down I’m more frightened than I ever have been.  Do I go back to work now that I don’t have an excuse not to?  Backpack around the world?  Bike tour America? sail to Alaska?

sailing engineless to Alaska

I know I’m not ready to go back to the boat anytime soon.  My brother is threatening to send me to Austrailia via Hawaii and the South Pacific.  My heart tells me to get lost on the Pacific Crest trail but my crippled knee has me wondering if I can hike 20 miles a day for 5 months straight.  The only gear I have other than a turn key blue water sailboat is a steel bike with no gears, a titanium mug, a 45 degree down bag and half a camp pad. I know I need to do something or I will loose my mind.  I’m committed here till November so I have some breathing room but its the perpetual silence that has me going stir crazy.

mans best feind

So my mourning process is to just live, to get lost out on the trails of life as often as I can and to think about Chloe every chance I get and find a way to smile.  To have asked her for one more single day would have been greedy.  I know Chloe is snuggled up in front of our fireplace waiting for our next big adventure but for now I’m flying solo.

If you smile when you are alone then you really mean it.

The Things We Do For Love


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I closed my eyes and watched my little puppy running through the dry summer grass and dissappear into the forrest.  13 years ago I met my soulmate, my life forever changed by a fancy french furry little monster named Chloe.


When I die it will be of a broken heart but thats not how it all started out.  I hated dogs.  They stink, shit, piss on everything.  They shed all over your furniture and clothes, they bark and eat your shit and in general find every button you have and push it every single chance they get.


I never believed in God until I met this new little alien that would completely consume my life.  It took less than a month for her to convince me in the all mighty because surely as the sun will rise in the morning there would be no dogs without a higher being.  If it wasn’t for the fact that puppies were so damn cute we would kill them.  But in her infinite wisdom God did create them cute and adorable and loyal beyond the scope any human will ever understand.


We did battle that first year but from the very first night she kept me up crying at the top of her lungs we were connecting at the heart.  We would eventually travel the world together by boat, private jet, car, bike, foot and every other means we could dare dream up.


We lived in cars, apartments, mansions and slums.  We called an abandoned clam plant our home as well as a 6000 foot warehouse, a snow cave and a tepee.  We have been rich and poor, happy and sad.  Everywhere we went and we went everywhere, we did it together.  Soon into our relationship we made a pact that we would live forever, I don’t know what her soul is made of but whatever it is hers and mine are the same.


24 hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year.  Thats how long we have been together.  I can’t magine life with out her and I never could, she is my best friend, confidant and an all around instigator of a better life for the both of us.  Every single decision I have ever made was based on her and her needs.


I held my best friend in my arms as she took her last breath today and remembered the words a friend recently said to me.  We were talking about a book Idea I have been mulling over and all the adventure we have had together when she said to me.  That sure is one lucky little dog, you saved her that day you adopted her from the rescue.  You have it all wrong I responded.  I didn’t save her, she saved me.  Before I met Chloe I didn’t know how to love unconditionally.


Goodnight sweetheart
Til we meet tomorrow
Goodnight sweetheart
Sleep will vanish sorrow
Tears and parting may make us forlorn
But with the dawn a new day is born
Goodnight sweetheart
Though I’m not beside you
Goodnight sweetheart
Still my love will guide you
Dreams will enfold you
In each one I’ll hold you
Goodnight sweetheart
Dreams will enfold you
In each one I’ll hold you
Goodnight sweetheart goodnight  -Dean Martin


The Holy Grail


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Only the penitent man shall pass, these are the words that keep going through my mind as I drop to one knee 630 times in 4 hours.  I’m as far away from the ocean as I have ever been in my life, now I am surrounded by a sea of a different sort.

The holy grail

To make the most out of any given situation is never enough.  You can climb any hill ridge or mountain but until you have descended into the valley you have not finished what you started.  Its from this valley that we start our next summit attempt.

Standing on the highest peak of Mt Whitney I looked across the world and smiled.  I had run all the way to the top but I didn’t have to summit before I knew I could do it.  Climbing out of the valley is easy, put one foot in front of the other and repeat as often as necessary until you have reached the top.  Its the desceent that hides the truest risks.  Euphoria and exhaustion are a dangerous recipe for disaster.

Some people are born for success, others find it through sheer luck.  I achieve it through attrition.  I say success but its a word with a thousand meanings depending on who you ask.  For me success is measured in small daily increments.  I could never ride my bike a thousand miles but 50-75 a day comes easy and adds up fast.

The universe is conspiring to break me and I won’t fight it.  I will drop to my knees as often as I have to as this too shall pass.  Sitting in a vacant parking lot I watch the blood moon dip into the nights sky and know its almost time to start my ascent.

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” -Les Brown

The Days Of Our Lives…


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I can’t say exactly why I can’t say anything, but our current mission is so top secret you won’t hear a peep out of me about it.  Lets just say in a purely metaphorical  sense I have eaten the forbidden fruit.

the forbidden fruit

Soft balmy winds blew through the valley caressing our skin and evaporating our sweat into a thick salty paste.  Three days of hard labor, riding and … with no shower had us smelling in ways the average person can never imagine.  Heat wave is an understatement but true to form we found ourselves sitting at the gateway of nirvana.  Like any good story this one had a bridge to cross and a troll to appease but the battle was won in no short oder.  My cotton tee was soaked through strangling my body.  Salty sweat dripped from the tips of my long unwashed hair, ran down my face and settled on my lips, I tasted like the sea.

All good days come to an end and today was in the purest form of luxury, a hot steamy bath, followed by cool clean water and a fresh cotton full size towel.  We took turns pouring huge buckets of fire warmed water over eachother in our impromptu turkish bath rinsing away layer upon layer of the hard earned days of our lives.  Our clean skin tingled as we laughed and teased running around naked as Adam and Eve in a wide open public venue but there were no eyes to shame us.  Our souls danced surrounded by thousands of gallons of natures oldest and wisest aphrodisiac.  I could tell more but my lips are sealed.

 All men’s souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.  -Socrates 

The Simple Life


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I would die if I were ever to be confined, New people, new places, life unfolding in ways I could never imagine.  I could never imagine so I don’t try.  With wandering eyes I move forward, always following that small space between shadow and darkness where photography finds its infinite magic measured in fractions of a second.


Confucius said it best when he said, choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.  Uncorking a bottle of wine last night, for the first time in my life I saw it as art, the wine makers gift to the world.  I couldn’t help but to wonder how many hands touched this object of impossible perfection before it was passed to me.

Nikon D

No man is an Island, wandering from here to there I carry with me the thousands of life’s lessons handed down to me from the masters.  My art is found in my struggle to do what most people have never given a second of thought to, Seeing.  Its my constant struggle with vision that rewards me with simple images created with a single push of my shutter release but its the journey that makes each snapshot so valuable.  If there is a more difficult way to do something I will find it.  My natural powered journey continues.  The long rolling hills can’t beat me down, when the wind blows hardest from the direction I want to travel my sailor mind tells me to change course and find a new route.  The sky opens up on me, one more day I won’t need a shower.  Life may not be easy these days but its simple as dirt,  We gorge on fresh berrys pulled from the roadside, drink gallons of pure crystal clear water, bath in the most un usual places and sleep here there and everywhere  One night its a huge bed with clean linen sheets, the next an inflatable matress or our down sleeping bags with flimsy foam pads to insulate us from the earth.  The photograph is a snap shot of the final destination.  The journey is the story of how we got here.

There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.      Norman Vincent Peale


Dirty Old Town


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Riding through this dirty old town I am falling in love with her industrial side.  Endless bike trails from here to there.  One in a million lead to the coast and thats where my cheese is stored.

Kona Paddy Wagon

I load up my Nikon and a few snacks, this town begs to be explored by bicycle.  Its hot here compared to the cool of the islands and I love it.  I don’t go anywhere without packing a world class bottle of wine for just in case.  Turns out just in case has once again changed my life.  No more cheap wine for this boy, having fallen ass backwards into yet another miracle.  The Universe abides and has again been good to me.

I met my love by the gas works wall
Dreamed a dream by the old canal
Kissed a girl by the factory wall
Dirty old town
Dirty old town~ Ewan  ~Mac Coll

The Lost Coast


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Somewhere down this long meandering road I have found a small piece of nirvana.  I have become a migrant worker.  I love Oregon just enough that I don’t think about my home in the San Juan’s any more than I need to.

Kona Paddy Wagon

My feet hate me, I have put shoes on them and kind of hobble and limp in pain, my toes crushed and blisters forming everywhere.  If there is a hell on earth it surely must be measuerd by how many pairs of shoes you own.  I walked down the coast, each step in the warm sugar white sand reminding my poor little dogs that there is a reason for all this madness.

The Lost Coast

One step at a time I climb the long hill, my bare feet slowly feeling the way gently cushioned by the cool mossy earth that guides me through the broken shade of the forrest.  This valley I have entered is a small one and soon enough we will have filled our time bank to overflowing, burn our shoes and continue on down the road.  People often ask me why I live the life I do, All I can do is suggest that they walk a mile in my bare feet.

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”
~ Kahlil Gibran


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