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The wind was gusting to 73 mph last night, It was frigging nuts.  With each gust The` would shutter and shake it off.  I was glad I used 8″ x 3/8″ bolts for my mooring bits.  My friends tried to convince me that 3/8 steel backing plates were over kill but last night I was happy and snug.

Lets just say this isn’t my first rodeo.  As I head into my third winter living aboard I have well learned the patterns of storm season here in the Pacific North West.  The worst I have been through is 89 miles per hour but this year due to La Nina, we have had a relativity mild November.

I watched as the barometer dropped from 29.6 to 29.2 in the scope of 15 minutes. I literally could see it dropping.  All snug and safe in the boat I was reluctant to leave, but knew I had to get out and check on all my friends boats.  We had a blast playing in the storm, tying and retying dock lines and even saved a blown furler. I lost everything this year but piece by piece I’m getting it back.  Life is fine on the good ship The`

Happy Thanks Giving,~ Ali

The person who knows how……. will always have a job, but the person who knows why….. will be the boss.

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