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My friend Mathew is without a doubt the simplest sailor I know.  When He purchased his Lyle Hess Falmouth cutter 26 the first thing he did was pull out the entire electrical system.  He now uses oil lamps and has no complex systems.  The second thing he did was get rid of his engine and replace it with a huge sculling oar.

I was working on The` the other night when a group of friends showed up cocktails in hand and all piled into the boat.  These guys are all commercial fisherman and own boats 100′ plus.  The conversation quickly turned from how awesome The` is to where the hell are all my electronics.  I’ve grown used to the, you cant live without this, you must have that, blah, blah, blah. I’ve choosen to set this boat up somewhere between minimalist and simple perfection.  My friend was bragging about how his boat could run for three years nonstop, we compared his 5000 gallons of water to my 10 five gallon Jerry jugs.  It wasn’t two days later that an impeller melted down on his boat.  He went to retrieve the spare and it had already been used, OOPS.  I offered for his entire crew to come use my boat as my water system simply cant fail.  There is an order to the madness on my boat but to appreciate it you must look beyond what the yachting magazines and the Jones, insist you have. I have replaced all my fancy gear with simple knowledge.  The less I have the more I know.

Design has taken the place of what sailing used to be.
 ~Dennis Conner

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