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The` easily has room to store three to four months of provisions for Chloe and I but what if there was one more crew?  I spent the weekend cooking, playing, sailing, and organizing.  I cleared the port clothing lockers and re organized all my lockers.  I have been wasting quite a bit of space for wine storage.

As I sorted through my wine locker I started to get greedy.  What If I get rid of the wine, My head started spinning with all the yummi food I could cram in those cavernous lockers.  In my constant quest you live better with less I have decided to get rid of the wine and load those lockers with treats, lots and lots of treats.  I have started working on my menu.  My goal is six months of basic provisions for two adults and Chloe.  I don’t know if I can cram it all in but it will be fun trying.  I will be celebrating the solstice with a huge wine party on The` come by and help me drink my wine.  In my constant battle to make more space I have decided that booze simply takes too much space so I will be giving it up.  On a small boat organization is a must, If you cant prioritize and organize you will simply need a bigger boat.

At some point you start seeing the difference between what you really want, and what is your priority order. I feel that today I know what I want. That’s the problem with perspective.