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December has been an amazing month at the docks.  There has not been a single day without visitors to the`.  Sailors are a strange breed and the conversations have been anywhere from what it really cost to cruise to how boating has changed over the last 25 years.

My friends Rob and Yuki came by earlier this month and had me rolling with their sea stories.  Rob broke into a story and we all listed knowing it would end with a punch.  He was on a mooring in Eagle harbor on his sailboat, his friend was moored near by on a power boat.  They both left the next day headed to Friday Harbor.  Robs friend arrived in an hour and spent the day milling around the dock.  Rob and Yuki  took the whole day to arrive.  When they pulled into the guest docks his friends was there waiting “where have you been all day, it only took us an hour”.  “We had a beautiful days sail, saw whales and did lots of bird spotting”.  “We didn’t start the engine once the entire trip, what an amazing day Rob commented”.  “But it took you all day to get here”, his friend explained.  Rob looked up and said “how much did fuel did you use to get here”.  About $600.00 bucks his friend bragged.  “Well, thats the difference between sailors and powerboaters Rob explained.  When I get to the dock Im relaxed, refreshed and can afford to drink a $600.00 bottle of wine”  Rob and Yuki toasted and we all laughed.

There is NOTHING–absolutely nothing–half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.    

                                                       ~Kenneth Grahame

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