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Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.
 Mark Twain

I’ve thrown my budget out the port hole.  It seems silly to try and make a budget when I don’t have any money to budget.  I’m still living in the same pattern of spending every cent I make on the boat, some food here or dog food there.  I’m trying to put less and less money into boat parts with hopes that I might soon be ready to cut the dock lines and sail out of here  regardless of what my circumstances are.

I have always found that having a partner makes everything safer, easier, and more fun.  Sailing solo, I don’t have a life raft so to speak, if there is a disaster I will be treading water.  I can take the random hardship but wouldn’t know how to explain to my dog why she is hungry.  It seems lately that I am getting allot of criticism about still being at the dock.

“Why dont you just leave today”.

ME”um, I dont know, I dont have any food, or charts, or nav equimpent…”

“you’re  just making excuses, you will never leave”…

ME “um ok 🙁 ”

In the meantime I have been studying many different techniques  and hoping to put together quiver of skills to support the trip.  It doesn’t hurt that the first leg will be on one of the most wild coasts on the planet with thousands of miles of un touched beaches teaming with wildlife and wild edibles.  In the meantime we are all doing the ritual spring sundance, the party has begun, come say hi.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.
 Mark Twain

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