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I was recently accused of being in love with Lin Pardey.  At the risk of being punched in the nose by Larry I must admit it’s true, sort of…

Image courtesy of Lin and Larry Pardey from www.landlpardey.com.

I cant remember how the conversation started but all of the sudden she, my  now ex girlfriend blurted out, ” oh my god, you are totally in love with Lin Pardey”.  I smiled, I cant deny I love the thought of her.  Over twenty years ago when I read of her collecting 3000 lbs of lead from automobile tire balancing weights for Seraffyn’s keel, “I thought That’s the kind of girl for me”.  In truth there are Lin Pardey’s all over the world.







These are just a few but they are out there.  While I have met many that come close, I have chosen to sail solo till my true “Lin Pardey” comes into my life.  I’ve said this before but going to sea is like flying to the moon.  I have to have 100% trust in a person to put my life in their hands.  Its not just being a good sailor but also self sufficient, capable of adapting to new environments, filled with wander lust, curious and inquisitive.  There is so much more to voyaging than just being a good sailor.

What do you think is a common cruising myth?

Myth 1 – That cruising is easy. That the cruising life is always fun. Life on shore isn’t always fun, or easy. Cruising is challenging, exciting, fulfilling but it is rarely easy.

Lin and Larry Pardey

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