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I didn’t truly realize how isolated I have been this winter until my friend Jess kidnapped Chloe for a much need romp in the woods.  I needed a break but now that Chloe is gone for a few days it is so lonely on the boat, as a solo sailor loneliness is my biggest challenge.

Art compliments of Kelly Nelson 

With Chloe gone for 48 hours I took every opportunity to work on the boat without having to tend to and entertain my fluffy little best friend.

I still refuse to put an engine on this little yacht and sailing engine-less is my second biggest challenge.   Adding an engine would be the easy way out, but when have I ever taken the easy way.  Owners and sailors of traditionally designed boats are a different breed, as are engine-less sailors, I’m still learning and someday hope to join the small fraternity of ancient mariners.   I dove into boat projects that would make sailing her safer and easier.

This simple little down-haul lead cost me $1.00 to make, it will give me the ability to drop the lapper in about one second without going on the bowsprit and is fail-safe.

I’ve been getting allot of encouragement and my engine-less ideals were confirmed this week by Lin Pardey and my new friend Jerry who also sails his FC engine-less, there is also Gary Felton who sailed his FC sans engine for 16 years http://www.garyfelton.com/shanti/?cat=23 Its allot more work but it makes me a better sailor, and keeps me happily occupied.  Tomorrow will be another day for sea trials.

If you want to be a sailor, you have to go to sea.