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This last week has been impossibly perfect, It all started Monday night when I met this little girl.  I have fallen into a time vacuume, days Feel like hours, hours feel like minutes, minutes feel like seconds, wait I’m getting ahead of myself.

One Latte, two bottles of exquisite wine and a giant donut, what more could a person ask for.

Sunday evening one week ago I fell asleep to the prospect that I had 6 days until the marina confiscated my boat due to past due moorage.  I awoke Monday and a long past due loan was paid to me in full saving my boat.

Monday brought beautiful warm sun and a little girl stumbled into my life.

Tuesday I put a boat into contract.

Wednesday I put another boat into contract.

Thursday I wrote an offer that is still being negotiated but will go in I hope.  I was also kidnapped by good friends and stuffed with steak potatoes, fresh greens, scotch and beer.

Friday my brother came to visit and stuffed me with Steak potatoes, whiskey beer and award winning wine. http://www.jscottcellars.com/

Saturday was spent lounging around in the sun doing nothing and generally just enjoying life, this was the first time this year I have just wasted time and enjoyed life and it was good.  When My brother left I was a case of amazing wine richer and as I started to straighten up the boat I started to find money everywhere.  Jon had stashed cash in every place I could imagine and I’m still finding more, today I found some stuffed behind a picture, in my hat, in my boot, and under my water jug.

I have always found it easy to give but accepting from others has been very difficult.  I guess I have finally been broken because I accepted this windfall with much gratitude.

Sunday I was up early and after 7 hours of hard work The` was gleaming and I’m almost ready to start off where I ended in October.  I crawled into the cool boat to hide from the sun and have a beer when Rae showed up with her puppers Echo and kidnapped me for Ice Cream and a long stroll down a shaded wooded path.  The day ended perfectly with wet stinky dogs in the cabin and Rae and I laying in the v-birth wrapped up like a pretzel staring through the giant hatch at the sky, our soft tired giggles echoing across the calm water of the marina.

If I had only one day left to live in this beautiful world I would want it to be just like Sunday, I truly am the most fortunate person alive.

A successful relationship requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

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