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I heard a hi pitched peeping and there it was, this poor little lost duckling.  I searched the marina for its mother so I could reunite them but she was nowhere to be found.  I worried about this lonely little duckling but there was nothing I could do.

Spring has finally sprung and the work continues, I could feel overwhelmed but I don’t.  I will do what I can, my budget is slowly building but I have to be careful.  I only have so much to work with, the budget is split between boat gear, food, and a small savings so I have a month of breathing room when the cruising season ends.

I’ve been using this wonderful vegan cookbook to attempt to make a list of base stores that will last for three months.  I’m not a vegan but with my small budget there wont be any meat on the table unless I catch it.  Sweet potatoes, onions, and potatoes will be my base food and I hope to work the summer here and there as a migrant farmer on the islands exchanging labor for fresh island grown produce.

I still have no water tank, stove, or engine but I’m not worried.  I have a camp stove that is safe at anchor, I will carry 30 gallons in small portable water tanks and the whole engine is up in the air.   I found a nice little hard dingy for $300 bucks but my 25 year old inflatable dingy/liferaft might have to do it for now.  Because I work on commission only I have no idea what lies ahead in way of budget but again I’m not even thinking about it.

Once again I am revisiting cheap Chinese shit.  I broke my new replacement cleat the replaced the broken cleat that proceeded it.  Today I will buy two more, one to replace the previous two and one to use as a mold to cast all new ones in either stainless or aluminum.

Life is good on the good ship The`

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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