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And in my dreams she spoke to me. I could feel the warm sun on my back, the smell of Hibiscus permeated the air, soft sugar white sand between my toes.  Yesterday I fell into the deepest most peaceful sleep I have ever known.  I walked out of the office finding a cool sanctuary from the warm spring sun in The’s cabin and drifted off.

I have so many wonderful dreams, dreams that will flourish, others will fade, and some that will simply change with each and every day.  Last night I fell asleep in a square bed with clean sheets and a big fluffy pillow.  I woke to a flush toilet and a hot shower followed by black coffee and farm fresh eggs.  I still have dirt under my nails from planting a garden and am craving the salad I had last night, made with fresh radish and beet greens.

I have no shortage of wants and needs.  Someday I will restore and sail a Bristol Channel Cutter, I will clear my land and build a small cabin with my own two hands, I will sail the world, I will …

When I set foot on the’ this morning I knew I was home.  Sure I miss the luxuries I have gone without for so long but small and simple as she is, she, The’ is my reality.  I don’t have to dream about her, she is real.  I remember how small she was when I first moved aboard, I hit my head on something ten times a day.  Those days have long gone but every now and then I hear a bonk and soft little ouch from Rae.  I chuckle under my breath but I do feel her pain.  The` is testing her as she tested me.  With each day Rae gets a bit more comfortable and is starting to feel how wonderful little the` is.  I could easily sell her and put 50% down on the “perfect” boat but then I would be trapped.   More and more I appreciate that the` is the perfect boat because like me she is free.  My life has fallen into a poetic journey with no destination, no time frames, no pressure, nothing but simple living.

Spend Time, Not Money

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