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The days are marching forward, is it really summer already?  It seems like just yesterday I was surviving the winter and now the days are already growing shorter.  Today we will have just under 18 hours of daylight, I love the PNW.

I’m continually surprised how little people are capable of doing on their own boats.  I would never trust my boat and potentially my life to some guy in a rigging shop.

I always try and do everything myself, if I fail I ask for help and as a last resort pay someone to teach me so I can do it myself the next time.

I only have 30′ of 5/16″ chain and 220′ of 1/2″ 3 strand rope, I’m hoping this will become my secondary rode and dreaming of 100′ chain and 250 of rope 🙂  Its good to want but as my insurance policy it is at the top of my list.

I have long since learned to work with what I have and make the best of it.  I have enough anchor rode to set a 7 to 1 scope in 35′ of water, not ideal but I will just have to be very picky when I choose my anchorages, a good practice regardless of what you are hanging off your bow.

The bitter end  refers to the end of the line (never a rope) that is secured to a (towing) bitt. The working end of a line is referred to as the Standing End, either way you look at it the end is near, as is the beginning. 🙂

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