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Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.

 ~Mark Twain

“Mark Twain” was a frequent call of the leadsman. It meant that the water was 2 fathoms (12 feet) deep and indicated safe water.

leadline.gif (2489 bytes)A leadline is used to determine water depth and the type of material which makes up the bottom or riverbed. A 30-foot-long line is attached  to a pipe filled with lead, except for the bottom 2 inches. (Modern leadlines are simply a solid round pipe-shaped piece of lead with a concave bottom) Material from the riverbed…mud, sand or potentially hazardous rock…collects in the lower, hollow end of the pipe.

The weather has been crazy here, thunder storms one minute, then sun.  Its been weeks since any of my high priority projects have been done but the little ones are going well.  As I sit today I have about a grand to fully provision the boat.  I’m still short proper ground tackle, water tanks ,stove, safety equipment… Each piece of the puzzle is critical so I re organize my list daily.  There is a possibility to earn more before summer but since I cant count on it I have to be extreme with my budget.

Since letting go of my schedule all the pressure is off, I’m living life to the fullest each day knowing that the chains that bind me will fall to the depths of the ocean soon enough.  While there are many huge decisions that need to be made in the next month or so, none of them have to me made today.  When asked where I’m headed I point west to the islands and smile. When asked when I’m leaving I simply respond, when all my ducks are in a row.

Simplicity is the only constant in my life, with absolutely no electronics in the boat I am going to have to do it the way they did in the old days, I’m going to actually have to navigate.  Each morning when I wake I wonder what the day will bring and where it will end, I’m completely living in the present and for once in my life everything is right.

He said, “I’m not a homeless man
I’m a gypsy by trade
And I’m travelin’ this land
I’m not a homeless man”

J.J. Cale -”Homeless”

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