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I have always wondered what the term “It’s good enough for govenrment work” means.  I assume it means do the worst possible job you can at the highest expense possible.
     There is absolutely no way I can find the time to finish restoring my wood this year. It was a long hard winter and the wood I didn’t get to last year is atrocious.   I have been stripping and prepping 25 years of varnish or what ever was on the boat and its an absolute nightmare.  
I’m painfully reminded of the old saying “if you want a job done right do it yourself”.  Last year I made the mistake of letting someone help me with my varnish and I’m paying the price now.  The prep and first 3 coats are the most important.  I had added 6 coats on top of the first three that I didn’t do and now it is peeling off everywhere.  In between work and the weather I am slowly stripping and re prepping my taff rail and boomkin for varnish and my bowsprite for paint, the rest of the boat will get stripped prepped and 10 coats of hand rubbed oil untill I can find the time to do anything more permanite.
I find it very frustrating not doing a perfect job but for now I am just doing triage.  The bulworks are next and I’m sure it will be a good 40 hours to get them where I can relax a bit and forget about them till fall.
Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
~Theodore Roosevelt
Its a ton of work but this old boat is coming along fine one foot and one project at a time.  If I was paying myself for the work I have done this year I would have enough to retire.  My fingers are worn to the bone, by back hurts and my muscles ache but as I watch the world markets on the verge of collapse I know it will all pay off, as far as the small imperfections, “no worries man eese, Jamaican boat”.
Under capitalism man exploits man; under socialism the reverse is true.  ~Polish Proverb
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