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I’ve made many trips through the islands and never given a second thought to the passes and small rock strewn anchorages.  Maybe it has to do with the big diesel engines or giant chart plotters on the yachts I typically sail.  Now that I am in the final stages of preparation they strike fear in my heart.  Running a pass with 5-6 knot or greater currents with no engine has to be timed perfectly.

When I made the commitment to sail engine-less it wasn’t because I’m a traditionalist or brilliant sailor, its because I’m simply cant afford an engine.  I look at the progress I have made in the 14 months since this little boat arrived in pieces from California and am pleased with my progress, yet when I look at my to do list I realize I haven’t even started.  Its all about priority’s, each project completed is done by order of importance.  Like I always say, first I make her a safe boat, then a comfortable boat, then a pretty boat.

My projects today are to make yet another attempt in getting gasket material to replace the 27 year old ones I have now.  I need to finish my lead line and have a dozen varnish and paint projects all halfway done.  The paint  and varnish can be done on the hook but having a water tight boat is a priority.  Port Townsend Foundry is making me a Bronze ball for my Yuloh and my stern anchor “boat brakes” should come in today.

Its looking like my last contract will close a week from today and the money is already spent.  I leave for Oregon for my family reunion August 13th and don’t get back till after the 20th.  Yes I am in a panic as the days fly away from me.  Still I am hopeful that I will make it south this year but if I don’t I’m blessed with being in the center of the best cruising grounds in the world and have a boat that is weeks away from being sail ready.  OMG this is starting to feel real.

An invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men.
 ~Thomas Fuller

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