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Its never ending, every time I get into a project I remember one thing I didn’t finish the previous day.  I have been working around the clock but the cold cloudy drizzle isn’t very inspiring.  while I have total confidence in my new Yuloh, I am rapidly loosing confidence in the temporary mount that just doesn’t seem to want to work with me.

Two things that keep plaguing my mind are if I only had a small engine or a crew mate, either one would make this so much easier.  I finally got my reef lines Jury rigged, I couldn’t afford cheek blocks so I had to improvise out hauls for my first and second reef.  I’m fairly satisfied with the boat but still have lots of little must do projects before I leave.  The provisioning is done as I have completely run out of money but I’m satisfied with what I have.  I recalculated Chloe s food and only have 4 months left but that is enough.

I have basic provisions for me for 100 days and I can stretch that to 150 if I can scratch up delicacy’s from the sea.  My only real shortcoming is that I really wanted 100′ of chain on 200″ of rode but I will have to make due with my 30′ for a total of 240′ rode for now.  For a week I have been watching the fog roll over the islands and have sucked it up and purchased a cheap GPS 🙁  Ok I know but there are really big fast ships around here and if the fog rolls in fast as it does, I want to get to the edge of the channel fast but still avoid the rocky shore line.  A worried friend brought me three hand held radios pleading with me to take anyone, unfortunately none of them have 12 volt chargers so no VHF which is fine by me, my trusty short wave picks up local weather just fine and I have calibrated my barometer so I’m good.

Today ends my second week with no cell phone and I love it.  I have cleaned my desk and tomorrow July 28th is not only my little sisters B-day but also my last day in the office and my first day of freedom.  I don’t know exactly when I will sail out of here, from this point on its up to the wind and tides.

I had set aside aside $1000.00 for finishing and provisioning the boat and $500.00 to cover a month and get sorted somewhere when November rolls around.  I have spent it all, I have one more small paycheck coming and will have almost exactly $200.00 after picking up my last few orders.  I owe the Marina $600.00 for moorage through August so I’m actually starting negitive $400.00 but I have to say two hundred might as well be a million as I have all the food I could ask for, a sea worthy boat, a warm dry bunk to lay down in, and my furry faithful companion in adventure. I’M WINNING 🙂

“The hardest thing to do is simplify your life. It’s so easy to make it complex.” -Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia

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