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Actually it was a dog attack, I have had 4 complaints about my dog from the harbor master in one week.  All she does is lay down in front of my boat and greet all my friends and neighbors that come down.  Unfortunately there is one retard that hates dogs and he complains constantly.  Even if she is tied to the dock he complains.

So I keep her leashed up while dogs run free up and down every dock.  Last night she was attacked by a huge German Sheppard, it was on a leash but obviously didnt matter.  My frustration level grows deeper every day.  This is just one of the ten or twenty issues that seem to come up on a regular basis.  I’m not even going to get into it but I am surrounded by empty souls, the drones that think its OK to lie, steal, cheat. I’m physically and mentally worn, they are trying to capture my soul, yet I hang on always seeking that elusive pay day, freedom… I’m beginning to think I’m chasing the wrong rainbow.

This picture was me just over a year ago, defeated living in the boat yard.  What you cant see in this picture is Chloe barfing all over the interior of the boat from getting poisoned.  You can’t see the freezing rain, or that my heater was broken… I almost threw in the towel that day and many other. Quitting is the easy way out and when have I ever taken the easy way out.  One step at a time, one day at a time, it is close, very close.

If its this difficult it must be worth it.                                                                                                            

~Larry Pardey Cruising in Seraffyn

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