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Wednesday was without a doubt the best day in my entire life.  I finally had a break in the weather and got a coat of varnish on the whole boat, Chloe got her collar off, I was whisked away to the foothills for a birthday dinner made from scratch, got engaged, and had 9 beautiful uninterrupted hours of sleep for the first time in 21 days.

Wait, let me go back to the beginning, I woke to a marine layer, perfect for varnish, I was groggy from another night with very little sleep but somehow got a coat on the entire boat.

The weather has been so bad that I have run out of time, rather than my usual perfect varnish jobs, this one is just a quick patch and protect.

I’m not really satisfied with the work but there is no such thing as a finish coat, you will always be adding more.

Chloe finally got her collar off, We have both been suffering for 21 days and its such a relief to be free of the cone of shame.

Chloe almost pulled my arm off dragging me to a shady piece of grass and proceeded to roll and play like the burden of the world had been lifted from her shoulders.

I cant begin to thank all of the wonderful people at the Village Veterinary Hospital who took such good care of us 🙂

My bulwarks are the next big project, cleaning re caulking and oiling, its going to be a big but fun project.

A good scrubbing with mild soap and a kitchen scrubby pad should do it.

I have three major concerns that have to be addressed before I sail down the coast.  The`s hull has no sign s of osmosis but before heading into warmer waters I have to strip her bottom to gelcoat and add an epoxy barrier coat.  Her pintles and gudgeons are suspect but a quick haul-out tell give me the answers I seek, more on this later.  Her oak cheek blocks could turn out to be a weak point but rebuilding them in teak is out of the budget for now, when I finish stripping them I will add several coats of varnish and may paint over the varnish for better protection.

Last Night Rae whisked me away to the foothills of Mt Baker for an unbelievably delicious dinner of Lasagna made from scratch. We were toasting a bottle of ice cold Sierra Nevada in her kitchen when I proposed to her.  I asked her if she would marry me in ten years when I get back from sailing if she was still single.  She smiled and said that sounds wonderful Alan, yes I will 🙂

After an amazing dinner we crawled into her couch, snuggled up and watched 180 Degrees South.  I have only met Yvon Chouinard once but he is still one the all time most life altering people I have come across.  I slept for 9 beautiful uninterrupted hours for the first time in 21 days. I was woken black coffee, a hot shower and a real flushing toilet.

In her last act of awesomeness,  Rae packed me a sack lunch.  There is simply no way to describe how much I appreciate having such a great friend, and that is how I spent the best day of my life.

To the world you may be just one person,
but to one person you may be the world.

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