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How much can you fit in a 22′ sailboat?  Before yesterdays record breaking shopping spree I Had already loaded 6 months of dog food, 4 cases of wine, 9 bags of crackers and chips and about 60 cans of food.  I have spent more money on food this week than I have all year, nearly $400.00 to date.

I’ve thrown in the towel temporarily I hope and decided to see if I could save a few pennies shopping at the local super mega mart.  Before begging for a ride I packed up The’ as best as I could.  I rolled up the dingy and stuffed it in my lazerette and organized the boat.  Two dock carts of food were packed away.  I purchased 48 cans of V8, 18 cans of Chile, 24 cans of corn 24 cans of beans, 24 cans of fruiit, 10 jars of pasta sauce, 4 blocks of cheese, crackers by the dozens, 100 granola bars, 6 cans of black olives and 2 huge bottles of green olives, and about 12 packages of pasta.  I’m sure there is much more but I cant remember, oh and 18 rolls of TP and 12 rolls of paper towels.   Its times like this that being single really sucks.  I’m sure a girl would have inventoried and organized everything, not me I just carefully packed it all away.

I filled all of my lockers except the large 4 cubic foot one at the base of my mast compression post, there I will store 10 gallons of water bringing me up to 23 total, I will still have enough room there for 10 jars of peanut butter and about 50 more cans of food.  Under my floor boards I have room for 4 more cases of wine.  I’m not a total lush, I use the wine as gifts, payment and barter.  My over head lockers still have room for a few cases of Top Ramen “survival food”  with room to spare.  On top of all this I still have two huge wasted storage area’s where my oven should and someday will be and  where my icebox should and someday will be.

I should note that I have saved enough space for a crew members gear and still plan on adding 4 storage hammocks.

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.Marsha Norman

As of today I am still about 2 inches from my designed water line which means I can still add, about 1100 more pounds and not be over loaded, I love heavy displacement boats.

I over shot my budget which means the money will have to come from somewhere, more than likely my long overdue moorage.  When I set off I will likely have less than $500.00 and no prospects so for now every penny goes into boat gear and food.

This week is one in which a very large decision will be made, I need a hand bearing compass but can actually buy a basic GPS for the same price, I’m torn and go back and forth every day, someday I hope to have both.

All men are prepared to accomplish the incredible if their ideals are threatened.
~Maya Angelou

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