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You wouldn’t just head out to sea with no charts or navigational aids and expect to arrive at your destination.  We all have a destination in life but how we all get there and when we arrive takes a little more than basic navigation.  The time honored tradition of sea trials is about more than just getting to know your boat.

I just returned from a journey of the mind, sure I traveled physically as well but answers to question I’ve rarely thought about were handed to me every step of the way.  In ocean voyaging we do our best to navigate around the storms, not through them, we use the storms to our advantage.  How is it then in life we seem to always face the storms head on thinking its the right thing to do, or that somehow its the only way?

Monday found me Celebrating my three year anniversary of boycotting cars, it also started a week of living out of one.  I have to admit it sure was a fun convenience having a car but certainly not a necessity, in fact if nothing else it reinforced my resolve to stay away from cars.

This last month has been eerily haunting as I have come face to face with a duplicate scenario of every major decision I have made over the last six years.  Somewhere along the way in this journey I had begun to second guess my navigation, now I know more than ever that I am on my proper course.  There will always be another storm, but again I will use it to my advantage.

Some of the best advice ever given to me was “row, row, row your boat GENTLY down the stream.”

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