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They say leaving is the hardest part, anyone who has read this blog might assume that I failed miserably this summer.  I did attempt to leave, I did leave, and I did come back.  Why is the biggest question?  Our reasons for setting out for the voyaging life are as varied as our boats and our budgets.

The one and only constant since selling the Roo is that my budget like my crew list is zero.  Many lessons were learned this summer, in-fact the lessons and daily reminders of what and why are now in constant overload.  I missed my window and quite frankly it really pisses me off but it was my choice and one I alone will live with it till spring arrives and I head north.

When I sold the Roo she was done and ready to go, the new boat, not so much.  I knew everything would be different this time around.  Funding and restoring a boat solo is a major undertaking when The` first arrived in pieces she was like a blank canvas.  Out went her broken oven and refrigeration.  I took her VHF, GPS and all the wiring out of the boat and mast.  My goal is to have ships batteries which I do but also have kerosene backups, 2 is one, 1 is none.

So why the Yuloh?  Yes a cheap outboard can be had for a few hundred bucks and I actually wouldn’t mind one if it were in the budget “its not”.  I must have one of the most difficult slips in all of Washington but my slip is only a temporary hindrances  I’m sure there will be far greater challenges once I start the slow journey north.

There are people who might think that living happily on $500.00 per month is an impossibility, if I cant learn to live on less than that I will never make it.  Piece by piece I am making this boat unstoppable  the most complex system on this boat is my galley sink.

I have been three years now without refrigeration or ice and while it would be a nice luxury I don’t really miss it, on the rare occasion that I do get cold beer of fresh meat its a real treat and appreciated more than words can describe.  I still use a plastic bucket and have had no issues potty training any guests who join me for my day sails and sea trials.

The other night I was teaching my friend Serena basic navigation when she inquired about GPS, I showed her mine but told her I had never used it and wouldn’t rely on it.  Literally seconds after she asked my why I wouldn’t rely on it it fell of the chart table, oops :(.

When I hatched this dream years ago I was living in a different world than I am now, my original plan was to set sail on the Roo just before my 45th birthday, the boat and crew list has changed but I’m right on schedule.  My biggest challenge other than surviving the winter and learning to enjoy sailing in freezing temperatures is to survive financially for the next six months.  Its all allot to do solo.

Since the beginning I have had only one focus and that is to build a safe simple comfortable boat that is unstoppable.

First I make her safe, then I make her comfortable, then I make her pretty.

“It is too difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living”         ~Jean Jacques Rousseau

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