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You can sell your time, but you can’t buy it back, when it comes to life rich and poor alike are on neutral ground.  Today is my official cut off for heading south and yep you guessed it I’m still here.

When I acquired The`I knew I couldn’t afford her.  I had given myself 3 years  to complete what I knew would be a 10 year refit based off my current income.  Now 18 months in or exactly half way through it I am ready enough to leave but I still have a wants list, such as lifelines, storm sails, more ground tackle…  I actually prefer not having lifelines but with my crazy dog they sure are a luxury.   I have a series of sea trials set up for the next few months, really nothing more than baby steps but all important in many ways.

My friend Mathew came up from Port Townsend and not only made me a new Yuloh mount but he made me a spare.  My boat is officially unstoppable.  One of the most difficult choices in life is when to cut the dock lines.  The truth is you cant simply up and leave at anytime but you do have to make the choice to go.  I have mentally cut the dock lines, my first step of the voyage has begun.  Most will never get beyond the dream phase of the cruise, I am 100% committed. I’ts often difficult to explain to loved ones why I can’t or wont wait, the plain simple truth is that I’m not dreaming of setting off on a voyage, I’m planning it.  I spent the last month negotiating a film deal on winter sailing in the San Juan’s, before negotiations ended National Geographic came into the game and days later a fairly wealthy friend offered to subsidize my entire journey.  I have declined all involved, my journey is about deliberate living and self sufficiency, I can  assure you that you will never see a donate button on this site, nor sponsors nor… this is my journey.

This morning I tore up my mandatory work list, the boat is done, she is reliant on nothing more than the wind and tides, anything I add to future lists are pure luxury.

“Wherever we want to go, we go. That’s what a ship is, you know, not just a keel and a hull, and deck and sails, that’s what a ship needs. But what a ship really is, is freedom.”

–Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

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