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During editing of my new book How To Shit In A Bucket I came across this blog post from exactly 4 years ago, some things never change, then again…

November 1st 2008

Life Happens.  While we stumble through life our plans are a well-laid foundation from which to work.  Unfortunately for us our foundation often seems to be laid of sand on the shore, shaped and changed daily by the tides of life.

Our budget is busted we have officially run out of cash just two days into fall and months behind schedule.  While we had carefully budgeted everything to the penny, unfortunately we forgot about the unknowns that often smack us back to reality.  We have stretched so far as to even run out of our emergency food rations.  I always keep a few cases of Ramen noodles and canned meat just in case of disaster, even this is now gone.  While it seems the forces are against us we trod on.

We sat down for our weekly meeting to figure a way out of this mess.  We could easily pull out plastic and charge our way out of this or raid our meager savings but we decided to suck it up and get creative.  My father had always told me; if you have dug yourself into a hole, stop digging.  I did an inventory of all of our boating supplies down to each piece of sand paper and every screw and bolt.

While we are waiting for our budget to heal we have half completed projects laying about the Roo.  We should be able to keep busy for the rest of the month but winter is bearing down on us and temperature will dictate the balance of this years project.  We had both agreed to launch on Halloween come hell or high water but a new plan has emerged.  We are going to sit tight till the boat is done period.

It would be another year till we launched the boat.

We moved into an abandoned clam plant to save money.

It was both scary and beautiful at the same time.

After 798 days in the boat yard we launched our perfect boat, 2 months later we went our separate ways.

 “Cruising has two pleasures. One is to go out in wider waters from a sheltered place. The other is to go into a sheltered place from wider waters.”   Howard Bloomfield

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