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It just keeps getting better, when I purchased The` I did a self survey.  Sure I was concerned about all the usual boat issues but It didn’t really matter, I was going to purchase this boat regardless of what I found short of absolute disaster.  I had made a full price offer knowing full well it might be my last opportunity to find a boat perfect for me.  Boats are simple creatures and anything can be fixed without much  effort.

Above is a picture taken April 2nd, 2010 the day she arrived in Bellingiham.  When looking for boats such as the Falmouth Cutter 22, Allegra 24, and Flicka 20, there are so few to choose from you cant really be too picky.  There  were only 41 Falmouth’s built and most of them had inboard diesel engines, the few without inboards rarely come for sale.

Refitting a boat is an interesting project, being in the boat yard is the most efficient way to work on her but I wanted her in the water.  It took 100 days and every penny I had to float her, it would still be several months before I could actually sail her but it was good to be afloat.

While a boat is never truly finished I am pleased with every project I have done.  Today 18 months after her delivery I finally took a moisture meter to her decks, I met with the surveyor and checked every inch inside and out.  Her decks are nice and dry just what the hammer told me.  I didn’t have any cash to pay him but one of my last bottles of wine did the trick.  This little old girl sure is a blessing and yes every day I pinch myself, I sure am a lucky guy :).

A high station in life is earned by the gallantry with which appalling experiences are survived with grace. ~Tennessee Williams

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