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About once a year “who am I kidding, everyday” I think about selling my computer and going back to the printed word.  While I don’t write in my journal everyday it is filled with great quotes, personal thoughts, and drawings of my life.  I’m not even sure why I write this blog, I don’t have the customary donate button, don’t sell anything, and only really use it as a way to exercise my writing muscles.

While this blog might contain 10 percent of my life, my journal has it all.  Years ago I decided to write a book for someone close to me, I called it the Book of love, it was a hand a written, personally illustrated journal of our life and travels together.  It took me two years to finish but it was the process that I truly loved.

I carry my journal everywhere I go, a few pens, and pencils and a small knife to sharpen them with.  I can waste a whole afternoon attempting to transfer  my imagination to paper.  A journal fits in my back pocket and never needs to be charged, I don’t need a computer, camera, or any of the dozens of accessories, or cords that go along with.  If I lose my journal I can replace it for a few bucks.  There are days when I just want to pull all my ships batteries and live by the light of a single lantern.

It seems these days that we have all lost the now ancient art of using our brains  if we don’t have apps we can’t get anything accomplished.  I remember the days when we would pull out a reference book, a pencil and a piece of paper and… I remember when we sailed to Panama, we actually used a sextant to find our way and once we found a spec of land close enough to find on a paper chart, we would pull out a hand bearing compass and figure out where we were.  In those day we hoped to be accurate enough to be within 5 or 10 miles of our dead reckoning, from there we could plot our land fall.  We carried dozens of charts, books, and guides, we fixed everything our self’s and made do with what we had.  The level of accomplishment and self sufficiency gave us the confidence to move on.  We never got bored, hardly spent a cent, and were content doing nothing as finding spare time was a rare  occurrence with so much to do keeping our little world in order.

I wonder if technology really makes our life’s simpler or if it just makes our mind simpler.  I still do everything by hand, I don’t own any power tools. While it may take me longer to do things, I am forced to think about each project and do them properly.  There is something so enjoyable about the rhythmic sound of my saw, or the small pile of wood shaving slowly burying my feet as I plane a piece of wood to perfection.  I’m reminded of the words, “He who cuts his own wood, warms himself twice”.

Slothfulness casts into a deep sleep, and an idle person will suffer hunger. ~Proverbs 19:15

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