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As we all well know the world is ending Friday December 21, 2012 so this will be my last post before the end of the world.  I’ts sad because I am quite attached to this world and all she has to offer us.  Its pretty stormy right now, the wind is gusting to 55 knots and cold ass hell, perfect weather for the end.

The end of the world

In preparation for the Apocalypse I have purchased an extra bottle of stove fuel and a big box of matches.  In my day bag I carry a small bush knife and that’s it, anything else I may need can be made with my bare hands.

This is certainly fun to joke about but in reality disasters hit all the time and in many forms.  The boat is fully contained and capable of sustaining life in the event of the unexpected, not just sustaining it but actually comfortably surviving it.  Sitting besides my desk is a box filled with old parts that someday soon might be my new paraffin cabin heater.  I don’t own it yet but If I can find a place to tuck it in the boat I will.

The world is a dangerous and constantly changing place, Id rather be made fun of for being prepared than face the reality of not.  Who am I to say what will or wont happen in the days or years to come, it actually doesn’t matter to me because I am prepared.

Expect the best, be prepared for the worst, fuck what others think, & do your own thing.  When you least expect it, expect it!

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