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You know what they say about procrastination.  It’s like masturbation, Its fun while you are doing it, but in the end you are just fucking yourself.  Its 24 degrees with the wind chill and its days like this that I try and remember what this is all about.

Westerly Cirrus 22

The above picture was taken just weeks before my scheduled departure for Mexico on my Westerly Cirus 22, one of the happiest and freest times of my life.  I have a big decision to make and I keep putting it off.  My stainless steel pintles and gudgeons are 28 years old and long beyond their useful life.  My rudder cheeks also have dry rot and need to be replaced before any major voyages.

My first choice is to put everything off and play the summer away which will mean I can’t sail down the coast this year.  My second choice is to move the boat somewhere new, find work, bust my ass, and potentially miss the whole sailing season here but hopefully make enough to rebuild the rudder and make a run down the coast.  Its only January but winter passes here just as quickly as summer and time is a wasting.

Either way is a win win situation but the first one almost guarantees another winter here in the PNW, not the end of the world, decisions, decisions…

“The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it might have led.” 
 ~Lisa Wingate

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