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I’m not in the habit of reviewing books or anything for that matter but once or twice in a lifetime a book comes along so deserving of praise that I wanted to share it.

Many people dream of sailing off into blue water, exploring remote tropical islands, observing nature, and harvesting a myriad of scenes and stories along the way. Regrettably, very few people manage to accomplish this, the ties that bind us to our homes are too strong, and we just can’t let go. ~Roger Olson

Roger Olsen

Of all the hundreds of sailing books I have read, one or two in particular are my favorites and well worth reading and adding to your nautical library.  If you are preparing to set off and explore the world or just an avid arm chair sailor Plot Your Course to Adventure  by Roger Olson is an all time classic that will push you on your way to adventure.

Roger Olsen

Plot Your Course to Adventure is a 662 page book with over a hundred illustrations covering virtually every aspect of the cruising life.

“Are you tired of the endless monotony of your daily routine? Have you fantasized about escaping to colorful, exotic islands? The desire to take your own yacht to places you have only dreamed about can become a reality if you acquire the right attitude, the right boat, and some basic nautical skills. The purpose of this book is to help you, the reader, better understand how to achieve these three objectives. ~Roger Olson

Roger Olsen

Where most books fail with me with too much technical information, Rogers book shines in that it is also loaded with personal experiences and hard lessons learned, some of them absolutely frightening.  This book is an easy read and will keep you glued to the topic at hand.  Roger spent 13 years cruising his Bristol Channel Cutter XIPHIAS before returning to California and purchasing the company that built his boat the Sam L. Morse Co.

Roger Olsen

While only a small hand full of us will ever be fortunate enough to own and sail one of Lyle Hess’s cutters any one can have a piece of the lifestyle by owning this book.  Crammed with virtually every conceivable topic you need to know to Plot Your Course To Adventure this isn’t just a book, its a nautical treasure.

The purpose of this book is to express the reality of cruising—both good and bad. I hope the reader will read between the lines and understand that the 25+ years I have been sailing and cruising have been the best years in my life. ~Roger Olson

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