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I remember the old story of the cow and the farmer.  The farmer said to the cow, give me milk and I will feed you.  The cow replied, feed me and I will give you milk. 

canon A720

Its been years since I retired from professional photography to become a point and shoot amateur rather than a shooter.  I miss my  Leica M6 and my Domke, both old and worn but faithful battle companions with as many years of experience as I.  I remember meeting with a photo editor for the local daily years ago when he inquired about a hole in the side of my bag, “its a bullet hole” I replied “and yes those are blood stains, “not mine, well maybe some of it is :)”

Canon A720

Today after months of saving and waiting I received my almost new 2007 Canon A720 point and shoot.  I just snapped a few quick pics but will do photo tests later this week.  This camera is a toy compared to my beloved and long lost Canon G12 but its the only tool I have and so be it the only tool I will use for now.  If you don’t think you can create sell-able images from a obsolete point and shoot purchased off Craigslist click here,  Wilson Tsoi


My dream would be my old Domke filled with DSLR’s and video equipment but for now my new photography business will be a one camera show.

Falmouth Cutter Interior

This camera is a huge step up from my dying Canon A540, I’m so excited to see what I can pull from this little baby.

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” 
~Diane Arbus

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