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I’ve used just about every anchor imaginable over the years.  When I found the  Delta anchor It changed everything I had ever known about anchoring.  It set and reset every-time, it held in rocks, kelp, hard sand… I have never had a single complaint about my Delta in all those year.  So why then have I replaced my tried and true friend?

Rocna Anchor mounting

First off yes, my new Rocna anchor is made in China and yes I have heard of all the issues Rocna has had from moving their manufacturing to China.  Since there is no company manufacturing anchors in America I had no choice but to send my hard earned dollars over sea’s.  For years I have heard all of the claims made by Rocna owners and have to say I was quite impressed by their boat show anchor pull test where time and time again the Rocna set and locked instantly while all the others just kept dragging.  When offered one almost for free I simply couldn’t resist.  The real test will be in the big tank, there is no test in the world that can mimic the demands put on an anchor by a cruising sailor.

Rocna anchor mount falmouth cutter 22

So why then would I switch if I have always been so happy with my Delta? You know the old saying…If it aint broke, don’t fix it.  I had to know for myself if this truly is a great anchor or if Rocna’s sales and marketing department has turned thousands of sailors into glue sniffing, koolaid drinking converts based on nothing more than marketing hype.

rocna anchor mount falmouth cutter 22

My first impression is that while it appears to be very well made it doesn’t look as good as my Delta, nor does it ride as well on the bob-stay, and its HUGE!  Only time will tell and I am curious to know.  The truth is all anchors work well for their intended purpose and every anchor I have ever used has dragged but none has ever failed me.  To expect 100% perfection out of anything is just plain silly.  So why did I need a new anchor? Need’s got nothing to do with it.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” ~Plato