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The power of positive words can never be measured.  More than once in my life I have lost. in love, life, honor, and friendship, but I have never once given up. I have made and lost my fortune enough times to consider myself a professional, whatever that means.  I have failed so many times in so many ways that is sometimes feels that my biggest success is in failure. I have lost my way, and almost my mind but never my dignity.  When I look back on all the hard days and nights spent working towards this single dream I will eventually be able to say I did it my way, but in no way shape or form did I do it alone.Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

Alan, your blog reads like a good book.

Big Al, greetings & salutations! i have really enjoyed your website, started reading last nite,  finished off a leftover bottle of 15 Hands(great napa red) & could not stop chuckling so opened another bottle, kept reading & next thing i know its 3a.m. wtf… i read a good bit these days (no cable & tv too old for digital signal) i think you really have talent connecting to adventure seekers, even with old guys like me, i would buy your book…

 I love the spirit of the site and the relative monopoly you have on true freedom. You guys are causing me to loose sleep, I found your blog last night and read it from start to finish.

We have enjoyed following your web-site and your story. It reads like a good book, we laughed, we cried and always wanted to read more. We are just sorry that we didn’t come across it earlier.

I’ve kept up with your web site and the metamorphosis of the The` for about a year now, and enjoyed every step of the way.  Just caught up on the blog and was blown away.

Great stuff. I must say that you two are very lucky to have found each other. Excellent stuff. You really should setup a paypal account and put a donate button on your home page. I think you might be surprised at the response.

I read through your whole site last night (something I never do) and I must say, good stuff. Hope all is well and keep updating us so we can see how you two turn out. Best of luck to you both and make sure you hold on to each other.. (if your woman has a sister that would be excellent, I’ll come join you guys!) If you ever make it down to San Diego, hit me up, dinner and drinks are on me.

We have a lot in common.  You convinced me, by example, to go small. 

So sorry to hear about your matters of the heart.  Been there myself.  It hurts a lot, but you will pull through.  It is all part of the journey.  I don’t know what the key to love is, but the key to failure is not trying. Chin up, left foot forward and march on.  Don’t be sad it is over, just be happy the you had the chance to know her.

I’ve really enjoyed visiting your site from time to time and catching up.  I’m envious.  Obligations keep me from living the way I want.  So for now I’ll just read your blog and daydream.

I found your tales when looking for things about the Pardeys.  You’re doing what I wish I would have done 20 years ago.

My wife and I have been following your blog for awhile now and it has been a real inspiration.  We thought we had finally obtained the “American dream” however, after 9 or 10 years of living it we only feel trapped (bills, home maintenance, vacuuming the pool, wasting precious time). Our kids are now 7 & 3 and we don’t want the same for them. 

It will be a big change now, you are getting closer day by day. Celebrate and enjoy the cold, in some time you will be tired of white sand beaches and sunshine… Take time for each other, sometimes a free life can be really hard, but it’s just a question of training that away.

I’ve been setting here in Carnation in front of the computer for the past couple of hours with your blog running.  I finally stopped working and sat back and just fell into your story.   Watching the two of you work on your dream is inspiring. 

You  are inspiring.  What I have gleaned from your website reveals a way of life that I respect.  I hope to fashion something similar for myself one day. 

Nice boat, and it seems that the story of your lives reads more like an adventure than most. Yours is my dream boat, your future my goals for someday, just wanted to encourage you…

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