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As far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a pirate. I spent my youth reading history books about Spanish galleons, reading old treasure maps, and dug hundreds of holes looking for buried loot.  In 1984 my life changed forever.  Raiders Of The Lost Ark was my first window into a world I never knew existed…

Falmouth Cutter 22

The history of archaeology is about treasures, and I was born a treasure hunter.  Back in 1984 there was no internet and our TV got about 3 channels if you propped the dog ears just right. My local library was a gold mine of old National Geographic Magazines and history books, I read every one of them.  Enter Indiana Jones, that movie opened my eyes to a world of travel, adventure the pursuit of long lost treasure.  I have always loved characters like Indiana Jones and Captain Jack Sparro, they are good guys, always in over their heads, and always find the treasure, win the day, and get the girl.

Falmouth Cutter

It doesn’t seem unreasonable to spend ones life in pursuit of treasure, be-it buried gold, or anything greater than a life doomed to mediocrity.  The holly grail is just that, to each our own, we all have a holly grail.

I buried my first treasure in Savanna in the late 70’s and over the years have buried treasures all over the world.  My search for treasure has enabled me to live a thousand lives, always the underdog and always winning in the end, savy?

If there are no survivors, I wonder where all the stories come from?  ~Captain Jack Sparrow
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