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And I turn right back around…

I just stumbled across this video and had to ask myself have become the sheep in life that I despise so much?

It wasn’t that long ago that…

So there I was standing at the airport terminal in handcuffs, I had recently walked in on my wife and best friend naked on the couch I’m sure you can figure out the rest but I’m not going there.

So I’m handcuffed and being arrested for getting pissed off that they wouldn’t let my dog on the plane.  I had called ahead made all the arrangements paid for two first class tickets to Hawaii, one for me and one for my dog which I very specifically explained that the second ticket was for.  I was going to Hawaii to donate all my money to a very worthwhile charity.  To make a long story short I never did get Chloe on the plane and that was the day I vowed never to fly commercial again.  I decided that I needed a private jet, not for me but for Chloe.  I locked myself in a cabin in the woods for one year and developed the most brilliant company ever, I would become rich selling cheap Chinese shit.

You see I wasn’t always the tree hugging, minimalist  that I am today, I had never heard of recycling and stuffing 20 gallons of fuel into one of my many fuel hungry toys on a regular basis never occurred to me as being remotely out of the ordinary.  I never did buy the jet.  My one year in the woods pursuing one specific goal led me down a very different path.  Life is like that we strive and strive for so long perusing a goal solely based on one single thought or experience or expectation that the meaning is completely lost in translation.

We are no longer doing it because it is important to us, we are doing it because we are doing it, and we have been doing it for so long that we have to finish doing it even if it wastes more time finishing its better than quitting and wasting all the time we wasted doing it, so we continue to do it.

When I set off on my new life I wanted to document it for anyone who had spent half their life’s perusing the wrong goals as I had.  I had never heard of blogging, I simply started a website and figured it out, it wasn’t till years later that I cancelled that site and switched to a blog, perhaps that was the day I should have headed in a new direction.

I never have had to think about blogging, it comes to me and I write, never have I sat down and tried to make shit up to spew out just for a matter of posting something new.  My words are a personal journal shared with a world of strangers, voyeurs who read, and take, and take but never even bother to say hello.  Its like taking your clothes off and standing naked on a pedestal for the whole world to see.  And now I wonder if I’m still a leader or just one of the flock doozering my life away.

“Either you get eaten by a wolf today or else the shepherd saves you from the wolf so he can sell you to the butcher tomorrow”
~Ogden Nash