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And just like that 6 years after hatching the dream, we untied the dock lines, pushed The` out of her slip and the voyage had begun.

Cutting the dock lines

There was no small amount of sacrifice to get here.  I spent 798 days in the boatyard re-building the perfect boat often fueled on nothing other than a wing and a prayer.  It felt like I would never launch that boat but I did, two months later I found myself in divorce court and another year and a half slipped away from my life as did the perfect boat.  When The` found her way into my life I was tired, broke and beaten but not defeated.  It would take two more brutally cold lonely winters to defeat me and they came and left as did my enthusiasm for sailing.  When the power failed on my boat I only survived the cold for three days before packing it in and moving ashore.  We humans are resilient but we all have our limits. Last week I was at it again getting the boat ready, fighting the Yuloh that works perfectly but somehow under my control it becomes about as handy as a deadhead on a dark and stormy night.  I had considered going Columbus style minus killing the natives but in reality without some form of propulsion it is just plain stupid and dangerous.

cutting the docklines.

Enter Serena my mermaid in shining scales.  She found us a 40 year old British Seagull outboard just 18 hours before departure.  We spent the day rebuilding the motor and breaking my hand.  It was after midnight when we crawled into our new bed and both laid there exhausted and wide awake.  We  had to push out by 7 AM to hopefully make the tide and safely cross the straights.  We over-slept by hours but quickly plotted a new course, untied the dock lines and shoved The` out of her slip. With a little bit of handy tiller work we got her pointed in the right direction put her in her only gear, forward and were finally free.

The sun was shining as the balmy wind kissed my face, our new motor smoked more than Cheech and Chong  as we very slowly made our way to the main channel, I flashed a huge smile at Serena and like most sailors who forget the storm only seconds after it abates the many years of struggle, failures, hard work and titanic dumb ass determination faded away from  memory.  I had long forgotten about the cold winters, icy docks, and long dark lonely nights.  Six years of living in poverty so I could buy boat parts slipped from my mind.  The boat isn’t anywhere near being ready, not by a bagillion miles but we are and that’s all that matters.  We  were free once and for all and there wasn’t a goddamn thing in the world that could stop us…

Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: If something can go wrong, it will (and if anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway).

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