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Anyone who knows me knows my complete and utter disdain for blogs with donate buttons. Well, don’t shoot the messenger!

Thanks Ken

My plan was to cancel this blog as soon as we left the dock. It’s expensive, a total pain in the ass to find WIFI and quite frankly takes me away from my professional writing duties which actually pay me, albeit not much.  When I told my plan to Serena she flipped her wig, I guess she actually reads it because she likes it.  I always figured she read it out of morbid curiosity as to what incredibly stupid shit I would come up with next.

For now I am keeping the blog up, continuing not to write for sailing magazines, and will continue to write professionally but only for selected travel trades and and my favorite magazines that have nothing to do with sailing.  If you are as completely nauseated with my donate button as I am I would suggest you either ignore it and continue to enjoy this site or do as I am and boycott reading The Art Of Hookie.  Boo 🙁

P.S. If you do enjoy reading this blog, feel free to buy us a beer 🙂

“Don’t kill the messenger.” ~ Sophocles

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