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I’m sitting in a park pirating internet so I can write this.  Its a cool cloudy morning with a nice breeze, I have a piping hot cup of coffee and nothing but time on my hands.  I was having a conversation with a good friend yesterday, he’s dying.

time in a bottle

He’s had a very long good life but like all of us he wants more. Of all the things we can buy in this world life isn’t one of them. He told me that youth was my wealth and I had to agree.

Today is a special day, my best friend Owen turns 30. I cant imagine how many lives I have lived since turning 30 but when I look back its been a good ride. 15 years ago, I flew private jets all over the world and hob nobbed with the rich and famous . I remember walking across the studio lot at Warner Brothers at 2:00 AM one a Saturday morning, I had just finished a 15 hour shoot and remember thinking that there was no place I would rather be. Funny how our wants and needs change, today there is no amount of money you could pay me to work in the industry.

In the last 15 years I have made and lost my fortune twice, owned successful companies and traveled all over the world. Eight boats and 5 states later I’m looking down the barrel of 45, that only gives me 25 solid years left of hard core living, at some point I’m going to have to slow down. I see myself retiring from all of it at 70, finding a sunny dock where I can hang a bait-less hook and sip from my bottle of green label telling stories to anyone who will listen.

You see, my secret super power is that I’ve always had good friends who are much older and much younger than me, they help me put things into perspective teach me the ways long lost to our modern world as well as the new. The fist sailing lesson I had 28 years ago was how to heave to, a lesson long forgotten back in that day. I sail a boat with a stay-sail and a bow sprite, two of the most traditional set ups but now also the two most modern upgrades people are looking at.

When I met Owen he was new to sailing and I was always teaching him this and that, now he teaches me, he is always re-trimming my sheets and showing me betting pointing angles. He teaches me how to sail faster and I teach him how to sail slower. Life is a series of circles, sometimes we are at the top and others the bottom, one thing we can all count on is that one day the circle will close.

I don’t know if Owen knows how truly wealthy he is with his bank account of youth but he will have time to ponder it in July when he sets sail for Hawaii for the second time in his young life. Happy Birthday my friend, lets all raise a glass to youth and toast Owen on his 30th Birthday.

 The white man knows how to make everything, but he does not know how to distribute it. ~ Sitting Bull

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