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Hey whats going on around here?

salty dog

It was only a matter of time before my A.D.D kicked in and I started getting antsy.  I feel a 180 degree shift coming and while I love sailing and the lifestyle I don’t love writing about it, I’m simply not good at it.  I write about life but I get so much flack from this blog about not showing sailing pictures or writing about sailing, so much so that if I stray even a bit, easy to do with A.D.D. I get scolded.

Before winter hits I’m hoping buy a larger boat, ship Sookie to La Paz and finally live my dream of endless summer.  I refuse to finance anything so unfortunately I have to go to work, sorry for using a four letter word but unfortunately its appropriate here.  I have started a new Grog Blog to complement this one.  Did I say work? I should have said make some play dough

The best advice I have ever been given is to write what you know, I don’t know much but I do know what I like.  There are a bagillion sailing blogs out there and this one will continue to be what it is, whatever that is.  The new one will be about toys, good food, secret spots, and everything not sailing so I can try to make this page a little more interesting.  I’ve only managed to sail three days this week but how can anyone possibly describe the perfect sunset at anchor, or the magic carpet ride of down wind sailing in a gale while its a balmy 80 degrees out.  The wild life and unexpected little chance meetings here and there, life that can only be found away from it all in the tiny little world of my own private floating island.

Change is a good thing.