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But nothing else is!

I was talking to Lin Pardey a while back, she told me that when she met Larry his only tool was a rock that he was using to hammer in nails while lofting Seraffyn.  When I first met Robyn Lee Graham he told me he left on his voyage with $200.00,  and when I met John Guzzwell he mentioned that he set off with $500.00 to circumnavigate and returned with $300.00.  Its story’s like these that have always made me wonder if it can still be done.

sailing on a shoestring

Sure there is an easier way but that’s not the direction I have chosen.   I get criticism on my choices daily and while it hurts my feelings I know  my course.  In the past few years since I started this project I have friends who have found boats, outfitted them, set sail, and returned, their trips are over.

don't tread on me

We set set sail on July 1st penniless and 24 hours later were blown back to where we began, we licked our wounds and set off again the very next day.  Since then we have been plagued with mechanical issues on our new to us motor, a sick dogie, conflicting schedules and all manner of… but that last of the parts we ordered have arrived and we will pick them up Monday morning.

Words are cheap in this world but if I have re-learned anything in the past 5 years its that its all about the journey, not the destination.  So we will continue to set our sails and trim the sheets as we plot a new course for adventure.

There are days when I wish I could just buy this book and read it but I cant… this is my life, without all this there would be no words worth writing.  From the Log Of Sookie, July 02 2013

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