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When I purchased Sookie I had a very distinct set of parameters for a boat.  I wanted the best damn boat I could afford that would be a little Aladdin’s Lamp to me but completely un-desirable to the opposite sex.  I wanted the solo sailors bachelor life and I had it.  Last summer I had my solo meltdown and everything changed…


I love my boat in a way no person can imagine that hasn’t had the opportunity to live-aboard and sail a boat designed by Lyle Hess.  Sookie is a great boat for a single man but she lacks a few very small things that some girls may desire, things like water tanks, a head, a cooker, ice box, hot water,  proper dingy… still she is my home sweet home.

Falmouth Cutter

We may not have it all but Serena has absolutely taken over the ship.  She cooks the most amazing meals on our little POS camp cooker, always has secret treats for me at the end of the day, rows a hundred miles a week toting laundry, dogie, food, boat shit…  She never complains and makes my life a dream come true.  But… she is a girl and every time we visit other boats she gets ideas, more than once I have heard her say, I could live on that boat… She has commented on Sookies size and now taken it to a whole new level.

Lopez junk yard

She goes to the mall when I’m at work, IE the local dump which is like the worlds best thrift store but everything is free, she now owns a Versace purse, go figure.  She has been sneaking shit into the boat and slowly stuffing it with things we certainly cant live without  Making the boat a bit smaller every day.  She points out boats that might be a little more spacious like the Orion 27 that just came into dry dock or the Crealock 31 that is at giveaway pricing.  I’m on to her antics and for everything she sneaks on, I sneak something off, still… there just may be BCC in the works as we speak, buts that’s just crazy talk.

Fish Bay

I wish we could just sail off into the sunset in our private little floating home but Serena heads back to School at the end of the month and I become a solo sailor again, Its going to be lonely but when she graduates we will turn our little boat into a floating mobile hospital.

August 2013  on some damn Island in paradise living the way we choose, yep we set sail penniless without a clue on a half finished boat and every door imaginable has opened to us.

Step off the cliff and a net will appear. ~Unknown

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