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If I say this one more time people might accuse me of crying wolf but Yesterday was the best damn day of my life believe it or not.

The best day of my life

By 9:00 AM I had reached peak physical exhaustion, I was on the verge of having a seizure and had 7 hours left before I could call it a day and crawl home and collapse with an ice cold beer.  I stopped took in a deep breath, swallowed my surroundings and declared that this was the best damn day of my life.  I live in the most beautiful place on earth and everything is free, Wasp Island is as close to  J.R.R Tolkien’s Shire as you will find on this beautiful earth.

I survived the day and my reward was a down hill ride all the way home on Schwinnie my faithful ride.  Halfway home I spotted the largest patch of blackberry’s I have ever seen and stepped right off Schwinnie letting her coast into blackberry heaven as I dove in for a much needed afternoon snack.  It was balmy and cloudy as huge raindrops pelted the earth here and there adding to my magical feast.

God had it right when she put thorns on blackBerry’s, these succulent berry’s each one sweeter than the last.  The best things in life are truly free but it does’nt mean they come without being earned.  Small droplets of blood formed on my arms as I crawled deeper and deeper into the bush finding the best sun ripened fruit, I was in Nirvana.

I made my way back to the marina and heard an elderly gentleman inquiring as to where he could find an onion for his dinner.  He was on a boat and it’s at least a mile to the nearest farm stand.  I mentioned that I might have one last onion on the boat but couldn’t be sure as Serena might have swiped it for the seafood extravaganza she was putting on for friends that evening.  It turns out that she had taken it and I had to go tell him there were no onions to be found, the look of disappointment of his face said it all.  I was bummed that I had gotten his hopes up and stormed the local lodge where every answer was no we don’t have any onions for sale.  Being a story teller I went straight to the manager and let out a good one.

Walking down the docks onion in hand I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.  I knocked on the hull and as his face peered out I handed him one perfect onion to complement his impossibly perfect feast.  His huge smile said it all as he reached out his frail and trembling hand.  Where did you find it he inquired.  There is magic on this island I said with a smile as I went on my way feeling content that this truly was the best damn day of my life.

“One must be poor to know the luxury of giving.” 
~George Eliot

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