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All work and no play makes Alan a dull boy. So I have commandeered Art of Hookie for this week.

Falmouth Cutter 22

Not only is he risking life and limb, working full time . . .

Falmouth Cutter

but in between, he bikes, rows and crawls daily. For miles.

Falmouth Cutter

And he still manages to take me out on the town. Bless his heart.

Falmouth Cutter

Meanwhile, Chloe and I are having the time of our lives.

We visited with friends.

Falmouth Cutter

Saw sea-monsters.

Sea Monster

And every night we watch the most amazing sunsets.

San Juan Sailing

We would have held a chicken for a dollar, but I didn’t quite believe Chloe when she promised me she wouldn’t eat it.

San Juan farmers market

Hang in there, Alan.  You’ll be a lollygagging boater, site-seeing tourist, and unemployed bum before you know it. And you’ll have plenty to blog about. There is treasure on this here island.

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