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I woke up tired and blurry-eyed, stumbled into the kitchen still wearing the clothes I fell asleep in, fumbled with the coffee maker and stepped into the shower fully dressed.

Port Townsend

Piece by piece articles of clothing fell into a soppy mess suds swirling around my feet, hot water slowly waking my weary body.  That was 20 years ago. I wiped a portal into the steamy mirror looking a total stranger in the face.  Have you ever had a premonition that you were going to have a deja vu?  That day I did and it was today a day no different than that of a much younger man, no less lost than his now 20-years senior counterpart.

I’ve become a prostitute for money, I wake up every day and work to live.  My tired body has had enough but it can always take more.   My mind on the other hand can’t, it won’t…  I have turned into a zombie, the walking dead, there is still a stranger in the mirror and I can’t help but to ask myself where he came from but more importantly where is he going.

I suffer from an addiction and it’s called freedom. Every day I feel the power of the call of the wild.  Every day I become less tolerant of schedules, rules, and lame people.  These are all robbers of my addiction. I need to get my fix and sustain this high.  I’m a freedom junkie.

My recent hitchhiking trip to Port Townsend opened a door and I willingly walked through but that’s another story…

You can’t beat the system by following the leader.

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