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So there I was on a boat I knew nothing about, we were sinking, on fire, and about to blow up surrounded by 40 degree water.  As a yacht broker I seemed to be on the water on an almost daily basis on boats cut out for the sailboat/powerboat wrecking yard. Of all the things I’ve ever done on a boat reaching for a life-jacket seems sacrilegious to me.

falmouth cutter 22

When I purchased my first Harley Davidson I knew nothing about motorcycles, I did it on a whim, i was having a bad day and just needed to get out of the office.  They told me I needed a helmet but I refused, it seemed to go against everything the open road and a motorcycle represent.  When I asked the sales guy what good a helmet would do he told me it made it easier for them to find my head after an accident.  I ended up compromising and buying a little plastic fake helmet called a brain bucket but rarely wore it and have a whole box full of tickets to show for it.  I’ve never been one to fall in for the whole false sense of security thing.

So back to the Titanic, were going down or at least it would seem that way.  In thirty years of boating I have never worn or reached for a life jacket, it seems like giving up to me.  I’m not a fan of treading water in shark infested areas waiting to see if they can eat me before hypothermia sets is.  The better option is to simply keep your head and keep the boat stick end up.

harnesses on the other hand I wear all the time, or at least when i’m solo or have newbie sailors on the boat who I don’t trust to come back and get me.  I hate those damn things but with no lifelines I don’t get a second chance.  I also suffer from some strange un-diagnose-able thingy a majig where I get very light headed out of know where and almost faint or at least pile over on the ground.  I have double vision all the time am highly dyslexic and see the world backwards actually two worlds backwards.

sailing through the fog

Life is full of dangers but what but being on the ocean isn’t one of them, its actually the safest thing I do in life and the helmet-less motorcycle has a safety factor of 9 out of 10.  The most dangerous this I did this month was ride my little bike up to the construction site where I have been rebuilding a community housing project.  I was rolling along at 5 mph coffee in hand enjoying the quiet morning drizzle when a bread truck brushed me doing 50 one inch closer and Id be having a nice dirt nap right about now.

home on the range

Its been said that sleeping is the most dangerous thing that we do because that’s where most people die.  As I settle into my winter cabin I have many choices before me the most dangerous one is that of conformity, if I get too comfortable I just might swallow the anchor and choke to death on the stagnation of an easy life the the grand illusion of security.

When I started surfing in Hawaii the locals told me never to worry about the sharks you can see, its the ones you cant see that will get you.  When you least expect it, expect it!

“The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.” 
~Jack London

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