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How could you say no to this?  I’m taking my pack and splitting, hitting the open road.  There is a journey afoot and its not a sailing journey, well not entirely.  Its a journey of a thousand steps but it will end where it began.


At the end.  I had just finished the longest trip of my life, one that had me selling my boat stuffing a small pack and walking out my front door.  Years later I returned, OK well someone returned but it wasn’t the same me that left.  That’s what happens when we step outside of our comfort zones, we find a new part of our self’s that we never knew existed.  I’ve hitchhiked all over the world, or maybe it was that other guy I used to be before I was me.

Port Townsend wooden boat festiville

Bright and early I set out on an adventure to find my way to the boat show with nothing more than a hot cup of coffee in hand and my thumb in the air I will set out in search of the kindness of strangers.  For those who choose to drive by my sign ignoring the alternate life’s choice they have just been offered and an opportunity to spend a few hours having awesome conversation with a complete stranger… well a quick flip of the wrist and they will get my sad face and a lonely boring drive down the same boring road they drive down every day. I may be many things but predictable isn’t one of them.  Should you drive by and see some long hair hippie with the biggest smile you have ever seen go ahead make my day, it just might change your life.

“This blog is an open door to other dimensions where everything is possible and nothing is forbidden.” 

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