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Inversion Layer:  a layer within which an atmospheric property is inverted, i.e., its change is deviated from the normal pattern

Falmouth Cutter 22

I continue to unload little Sookie but my house is running out of space.  I don’t know what it is but I just don’t sleep as well on land as I do at sea, my energy is low.  Sookie seems like an alien form blocked up in the yard packed in with hundreds of other boats.  I have a mold problem to address before I can get any other projects done but unloading is going slowly.

famouth cutter 22

The old adage out of sight out of mind rings very true these days, its so easy to throw another log on the fire and forget about the work that needs to be done.  On a positive side I am pleased and surprised at all the treasures I am finding as I unload her.  I must have taken 3 months of food off already and there is no end in sight  When I packed her for the year I hid all the best food for last and keep finding delicious treats and great bottles of wine stashed here and there.

falmouth cutter 22

I usually throw in the towel by November 1st calling it a year on exterior work and lock myself in the boat for the winter.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do but it looks like I will work this year through doing just a little bit here and there as weather permits.  Living on an island makes getting anything difficult so a February launch isn’t looking very realistic, maybe April.  This whole business of being trapped in the boat yard is getting to me.


My world is shrouded in fog, I cant see where this long winding road is taking me but as long as I stay true to my path I know I will get there, yet I cant help but to look down every cross road and wonder…

“In the space between yes and no, there’s a lifetime. It’s the difference between the path you walk and the one you leave behind; it’s the gap between who you thought you could be and who you really are; its the legroom for the lies you’ll tell yourself in the future.” ~Jodi Picoult

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