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There are two bulls standing on a hill overlooking a pasture full of cows. The younger bull, eager, but lacking experience, says to the old bull “Hey, let’s run down there and fuck ourselves a cow.” The old bull, who has spent season after season in this pasture, turns to the younger bull, chuckles, and replies “Nah, how about we walk down there, and fuck them all.”

Falmouth Cutter 22

When I look to the sea there is nothing but endless miles of freedom.  I don’t know what her soul is made of but whatever it is hers and mine are the same.

Some people seek fame, others fortune, I seek freedom.  We all may have different values, wants and needs but the end of the day I suspect we all seek the same thing, a reasonable life.

I’m running on empty, I have been going full speed for 6 months and I have nothing left to give, I’m drained physically and emotionally, every inch of my body hurts and I cant find the motivation to even do simple tasks.  Poor Sookie sits abandoned in a cold boat yard waiting, patiently waiting.

Today I was given a simple reminder that my life doesn’t matter, I’m simply a slave put on this earth to benefit others, a  beast of burden here to labor and toil till my dying days, and just like that I became free again.  I walked away from the almighty dollar  again remembering that my life is finite and not worth any price tag and certainly not worth trading for a bunch of worthless green paper.

Its funny low little fear I had setting out penniless, giving up my slip that was my home for years and venturing into the unknown.  It wasn’t until I earned a few bucks that I got scared as I watched my newly found  freedom chips slipping from my grasp.  My old friend greed took over as I tried to tuck a few bucks away for a rainy day, the problem is no matter how much money you have you cant stop the rain.

A year ago I came to the conclusion that If I could just come up with $12,000.00 a year I could finish the boat and live the rest of my days like a king.  The problem is I cant do that without selling my soul to the devil.  Today my freedom has been regained but for how long?  Today a new journey has begun, the destination unkown.

“Some people never find it
Some only pretend
But I just want to live
Happily ever after, now and then” ~Jimmy Buffet

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