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The thing I love about having a blog is the people I meet through it.  There is no better place to meet like minded people, pool your resources and expand your knowledge.  Its one of the greatest sharing pools the world has ever known, for better or worse!

Tom Brown jr Tracker ll

I was recently having a conversation with a prepper regarding all the stupid shit he had in his bug out bag.  I commented that I could survive in the wild indefinitely with nothing more than my pink panties a and a good buck knife.  The truth is that I could but who wants to merely survive.

In the last year I have been contacted by three major television networks asking me to be on their shows.  Of course I declined but I do have a message to share. My message is simplicity and self sufficiency.  Its being prepared for anything.  Its using less to do more while cutting out the unnecessary leaving an abundance of time and space to do the things you used to pay others to do.  Its my friends form the web who have helped me every step of the way.  Every fall I am reminded of the old fable from Aesop The ant and the grasshopper.

When I decided to buy a new boat my criteria was simple, I wanted a fun beautiful toy that could act as a home, travel platform, cargo ship and believe it or not a bug out boat.  I wanted to be able to easily carry 4-6 months of stores giving me the ability to sail non stop halfway around the world if necessary.  Of course having all those traits doesn’t mean I have to use any of them, I simply have the options should the need arise.  In the meantime the stores are constantly used, rotated and replaced.  I know my system works because I am using it on a daily basis and having a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

I’m not a prepper or a doomsayer, I’m simply prepared and 100% aware of the world I live in.  When I went though advanced survival training the first thing we focused on was situational awareness.  Every day as the economy gets weaker and more unstable my fun little platform becomes a more powerful tool and  while its always fun to play with my toys the new boat is slowly transforming into my own private island.

Take a few moments to read Aesop’s fable and ask yourself if you are ready for the long coming winter, if your not feel free to ask for help.  Over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to create a small empire, I did it living right at the national poverty level and without incurring any debt.  If I can do it anyone can.

The Apocalypse is only coming to those who aren’t prepared.

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