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It isn’t often that I ask for help but today I am.  I’m on my knee’s fingers clasped and I’m begging you.  I’m pulling together every single penny I can but its not enough.

montgomery 6'8" rowing dingy

So here is the situation.  I have found my dream dingy she is new and unused but may be quite old.  I haven’t seen any pictures of her and don’t know much about her other that she is destined to serve as my dingy and blue water life boat.  I can scrape enough money together to purchase her but she is somewhere in the state of Arizona and we need to get my baby home.  I am hoping to play pass the potato and have her handed from person to person till she arrives ready for duty in the San Juan’s.  I cant afford to pay with anything other than gratitude but she will be given a good home and indeed loved and cherished 🙂

Defeat is not the worst of failures.  Not to have tried is the true failure. ~George E. Woodberry

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