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I look out the window and its cold and blowing hard, the bay is covered with whitecaps, I should be out there.  Today is a good day to focus on a new wood burning stove, I need to get back to the sea.


Most people I know have the fear of god put in them every time you mention the word anchoring.  This is something I will never understand, I love being on the hook.  There is something so magical about having my whole world attached by nothing but a hunk of metal and a few bits of string.  The pleasant motion of the boat and the sounds of a storm raging through my rigging serenade me sleep.  It wasn’t always this way, I remember countless sleepless nights fearing the worst, I didn’t trust my anchor, anchoring ability or anchoring system.  Now I have the best insurance known to man.

rope to chain splice

Once a year I flip flop my anchor rode exposing fresh new line that has seen nothing other than the dark expanse of my bilge.  I inspect it all the way to the bitter end and re-splice it back to my chain.  I only use my bower line for two years, at the end of its faithful bow service I swap it astern and add a brand new 200′ line.  This insures that I will always have a fresh bower and a good nights sleep.  After swapping out my stern anchoring  gear I use the 4 year old line to make all new dock lines and donate my old ones if there are any left.  This simple process insures that I always have fresh lines around the boat and all this insurance only costs me a hundred bucks a year.

falmouth cutter 22

My younger days were fraught with storms.  These days we just call it what it is, Weather.

“If you hang out with chickens, you’re going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly.” ~Unknown

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