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If you want to save the world you have to change government.  If you want to change government you have to change corporations.  If you want to change corporations you have to change consumers.  We are the consumers, the bottom line, we have all the power.  If you want to save the world YOU have to change.

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The years don’t mold us into who we are they scrape away who we aren’t.  I spent the first half of my life working so hard to be the man I thought I wanted to be, the man they told me I should be.  I made it to the top, conquered all and didn’t know a thing.

7 human needs




Connection and love



Contribution beyond our self’s

We start out in life hopefully with six of these basic needs, the seventh seems to be the one we strive longest and hardest to achieve and often will never be achieved  while we slowly loose several of the others  along the way.  We sacrifice what matters most to realize the easiest attainable of these basic human needs, to contribute beyond our self’s.

I recently witnessed an amazing event.  A six year old child crying because he wanted his dessert, his mother told him in a very loving tone that as soon as he finished his dinner he could have his dessert.  His reply, why are you being so mean to me I want my dessert.  She simply replied, you can have it when ever you earn it.

I see this same behavior more and more these days but with adults, I want the house I cant pay for, I want the car I cant afford, I want my first boat to be my dream boat, I want to be rich, I want Jessica Alba to love me.

What do you think the 6 year old’s chances of changing are if you give him his dessert before he eats his dinner?

You can spend your days blaming Monsanto or you can simply stop purchasing Monsanto products.

You can live in fear of the muggers in your town or you can change the town you live in or move to a better town.

You can blame your boss for not paying you enough or you can do your due diligence and get a better job or spend less.

You can blame the rain or you can dance in it.

Don’t throw your life away making poor choices based off bad information people who don’t care about you have given you, everybody wants change but nobody wants to do the work.  If you want to run that marathon than do it nobody can stop you.

The very plain truth is that the only obstacle on this planet that can stop you is YOU!

The man who knows not himself, knows not a thing.

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